Dragon Gate 12/10 Results

Dragon Gate 12/10 – Nagoya International Conference Hall drawing 2,300 fans (GAORA)
1. Jack Evans & Ryo Saito beat K-NESS & Yamato Onodera in 6:29 when Evans used the 630 Splash on Onodera.
2. King of Gate – Round 1: BxB Hulk defeated Yasushi Kanda in 6:10 with a modified EVO.
3. King of Gate – Round 1: Naruki Doi beat Kouji Shisido in 6:39 with the Bakatare Sliding Kick.
4. King of Gate – Round 1: Masato Yoshino defeated Genki Horiguchi in 8:07 with the Lightning Spiral after a botched powder attack from Ryo Saito. Horiguchi was angry at Saito after the match and pushed him.
5. King of Gate – Round 1: Dick Togo beat Anthony W. Mori in 7:49 with a diving senton.
6. 3 Way Dance: Cyber Kong defeated Kenichiro Arai & Pentagon Black in 6:30 with the Cyber Bomb on Arai.
7. King of Gate – Round 1: Gamma defeated CIMA in 11:14 by pinfall after a Mad Splash from referee Kinta.
8. Kintaro Kanemura & Tetsuhiro Kuroda beat Taku Iwasa & Akira Tozawa in 11:03 when Kanemura used the Blast Yama Special on Tozawa. Kishiwada came out before the match and challenged Kanemura to a match on 1/25 but Kanemura told him that he wouldn’t do a singles match but would do a tag match. Kishiwada accepted and will team up with Daisuke Sekimoto to face Kanemura & Mammoth Sasaki.
9. King of Gate – Round 1: Don Fujii defeated Magnitude Kishiwada in 13:33 with a Nice German Suplex hold.
10. King of Gate – Round 1: Masaaki Mochizuki beat Susumu Yokosuka in 18:49 with a modified Saikyo High Kick. Muscle Outlaws jumped both men after the match and Doi gave the Bakatare Sliding Kick on Mochizuki.

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