Osaka Pro 12/9 Results

Osaka Pro 12/9 – Osaka Festival Gate drawing 157 fans
1. Miracle Man beat Ice Penguin in 7:57 with the Miracle Stretch #57.
2. Asian Condor & Zeus defeated Flash Moon & Roberto Tanaka in 5:19 when Zeus used the Biceps Explosion on Tanaka.
3. Takaku Fuke & Kuishinbo Kamen beat Super Delfin & YUKA in 8:59 when Fuke used the Crab Scissors on YUKA.
4. Asian Coogar/Hideyoshi/MASAMUNE defeated Daisuke Harada/Atsushi Kotoge/Tigers Mask in 14:49 when Coogar used the Coogar Lock #2 on Harada.
5. OPW Singles Title: Billy Ken Kid battled GAINA to a no contest in 23:24 to retain his title.

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