Indy Results from 7/27 & 7/29

AAW 7/28 – Don Skrinar Recreation Center in Highwood, Illinois
1. Tyler Black battled Jayson Reign to a no contest
2. Zach Gowen & Dan Lawrence beat Jeff Brooks & Kris Hybrid
3. 3 Way Dance: Tyme Paige defeated Brandon Blaze & Tony Rican
4. Bryce Benjamin & Shane Hollister beat Sonny & Tony Baroni
5. Danny Daniels defeated Chandler McClure
6. Trik Davis & Conrad Kennedy III beat Absolute Answer (Caden Ames & Christan Able)
7. Marek Brave defeated Daryck St. Holmes
8. American History Next (Hardcore Craig & Steve Stone) beat N8 Mattson & Truth Martini
9. AAW Heritage Title: Eric Priest defeated Silas Young to retain his title.

ACW 7/29 – The Venue in San Antonio, Texas
1. Berry Breeze beat Julio Garza
2. Rachel Summerlyn defeated Miss Diss_Lexia
3. 4 Way Scramble Match: Problems eliminated Austin Riley to win – Other participants: Bart McClintock & Pepper Rodriguez
4. Shance Williams beat Ricky Rhodes
5. Massive defeated Nathan Sin
6. 4 Way Elimination Match for the ACW Tag Titles: Mike Dell & Rory Fox beat Kissyboots (Rachel Summerlyn & Skylar Skelly) to win the titles. Other participants: Supreme Clientele (Marco Riviera & Shawn Vexx) & Double Trouble (Chris James & Tony Vega)
7. Showtime Summers defeated Gregory Symonds
8. Chris Hero battled Masada to a double pinfall.
9. 4 Corners of Pain: Rexx Reed beat Darin Childs

APW 7/27 – Royston Gym in Royston, Georgia drawing 150 fans
1. Don Matthews & Jeremy Vain beat Adrian Hawkins & Randall Johnson
2. Wes Grissom defeated Salvatore Rinauro
3. Alexander Phoenix & Jason Dirt beat Chris Blade & Sly Storm
4. Reuben James defeated Nick Halen
5. Taped Fist Match: JT Tallant beat Slim J
6. APW Tag Titles: Billy Buck & Ska8er Boi defeated Friday Night Franchise (Ryan Michaels & Matt Sells) to win the titles.
7. Steel Cage Match for the APW Heavyweight Title: Shadow Jackson beat Simon Sermon to win the title.

AWS 7/27 – Frank & Sons in City of Industry, California
1. Ray Murillo beat CK
2. 3 Way Dance: Lil’ Cholo defeated Human Tornado & Sonny Samson
3. Scorpio Sky beat Pete Goodman
4. Ryan Sakota defeated LTP
5. AWS Tag Titles: The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) beat Donnie & Ronnie Tsunami to retain their titles.
6. Johnny Paradise battled Charles Mercury to a double countout.
7. Enigma de Oro/Kayam/Mil Mascaras/Phoenix Star/Zokre defeated The Plague/Puma/Randy Rocket/Ronin/Joey Ryan
8. AWS Heavyweight Title Tournament – Finals: Al Katrazz beat Aaron Aguilera to win the title.

BTW 7/28 – National Guard Armory in Chillicothe, Ohio drawing 350 fans
1. Killer Kent II beta Brad Thomas
2. Sheik of Araby defeated Robby Starr
3. Matt Mason & Lexi Lane beat Beau James & Neveah
4. Shark Boy defeated Metal Master
5. Bobby Fulton beat Bobby Eaton
6. Jake “The Snake” Roberts defeated Crazy Stomper

GWP 7/29 – Waleska Ballpark in Canton, Georgia
1. Kyle Matthews beat Tyler Smith
2. Jay Clinton/Super Destroyer/JT Tallent defeated Wes Grissom/Chris King/DL Norris
3. Iceberg Slim beat Psychoman
4. JessCO Blue defeated Locomotive
5. Big Head Hanson beat Caleb Konley
6. Shaun Tempers defeated Timbo Bryant
7. Southern Heavyweight Title: Slim J beat Andrew Alexander to retain his title.
8. SR – Jerry Palmer: Buff Bagwell defeated Kory Chavis

IWA Mid-South 7/28 – Don Preston Recreation Center in Midlothian, Illinois
1. Ricochet beat Jason Hades
2. Jack Thriller defeated Mike Stevens
3. Dysfunction beat Josh Abercrombie
4. Billy Roc defeated Kris Chambers
5. 2 Tuff Tony & Violent J beat Keith Cream & Brian Skyline
6. IWA Tag Titles: The Iron Saints (Sal & Vito Thomaselli) defeated Ash & CJ Otis to retain their titles.
7. 3 Way No Countout, No DQ, No Time Limit for the IWA Heavyweight Title: Chuck Taylor beat Low-Ki & Brandon Thomaselli by DQ to retain his title.
8. 3 Way Dance for the IWA Death Match Title: Tank defeated Corporal Robinson & Necro Butcher to retain his title.

MAXW 7/28 – Municipal Center in Williamston, South Carolina drawing 75 fans
1. Big Money beat Nick Halen
2. JT Chase/Nemesis/Ska8er Boi/Sly Storm defeated Ryan Michaels/Andrew Pendleton III/The Wild Boys
3. MAXW Heavyweight Title: Jeremy Vain beat Shadow Jackson to retain his title.
4. Decision Match for the vacant MAXW X Division Title: Golden Eagle defeated Caleb Konley to win the title.
5. GWP Tag Titles – SR: Jerry Palmer: The Hollywood Brunettes (Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews) beat The Regular Guys (Billy Hill & Tyler Smith) to retain their titles.
6. 3 Way Dance for the Southern Heavyweight Title: Slim J defeated Kory Chavis & Shaun Tempers to retain his title.
7. MAXW Tag Titles: Ceaser Chavez & Adrian Hawkins beat Brodie Ray Chase & Jeff Lewis to win the titles.

PWU 7/27 – New Alhambra Sports & Entertainment Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1. Zach McGuire beat JC Ryder
2. Team PIT (Aramis & Pete Hunter) defeated Bloodline (Billy Blade & Gangrel)
3. Z-Barr beat Devon Moore
4. #1 Contender Match for the PWU Heavyweight Title: Joey Matthews defeated Trent Acid
5. PWU Heavyweight Title: 2 Cold Scorpio beat Sid Vicious to retain his title.
6. The Bosom Bunnies (Drew Blood & Teddy Fine) defeated The Best Around (TJ Cannon & Bruce Maxwell)
7. 3 Way Dance: Luke Hawx beat Eddie Kingston & John McChesney
8. Lucky defeated Detox
9. Steel Cage Match: The Messiah beat Adam Flash
10. Steel Cage Match for the PWU Tag Titles: Joel & Jose Maximo defeated All Money Is Legal (K-Murda & K-Pusha) to win the titles.

SECW 7/29 – SECW Arena in Villa Rica, Georgia (Thunderbolt Patterson was in the house)
1. John Rodriguez & Frankie Valentine beat Michael Flames & Josh Storm
2. Seth Cruise defeated Billy Love
3. Chick Donovan beat Mike Jackson by DQ.
4. Street Fight: Brad Armstrong defeated The Nightmare (Ted Allen)
5. Tommy Rich beat Jimmy Golden by DQ when Bull Buchanan interfered.

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