Indy Results from 8/3 - 8/11

BSE 8/11 – Memorial Gardens in North Bay, Ontario
1. 3 Way Dance: Bat Martinez beat Mike Elias & Scotty the Body
2. El Vigote Dos defeated Chris Thorn
3. The All-Starters (Brent B & Johnny J) beat The Blackouts (Pierre Shadows & Vane)
4. Kris Chambers defeated James Champagne
5. North Bay Street Fight: Brian Youngblood beat Kobra Kai
6. BSE Suicide Six-Pack Title: Ash defeated Angel de Guerra/Frankie the Mobster/Sebastian Suave/El Sombra/Tiger Star to retain his title.
7. BSE Tag Titles: TnT (Tyson Dux & El Tornado) beat The Suicide Kidz (Cody-45 & Xtremo) to win the titles.
8. Anton Arakis & Angel Williams defeated Bang Bang Pete & Kelly Couture
9. Lance Storm beat Robert Roode

AAW 8/11 – Eagles Club in Berwyn, Illinois
1. AAW Tag Titles: Trik Davis & Conrad Kennedy III beat American History Next (Hardcore Craig & Steve Stone) to retain their titles.
2. Brandon Blaze defeated Knight Wagner
3. Brandon Blaze beat Hunter Matthews
4. Scramble Match: Arik Cannon defeated Tyme Paige/Samurai del Sol/Jeff Brooks/Kris Hybrid/Chandler McClure
5. The North Star Express (Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz) beat Ryan Boz & Dan Lawrence
6. Eric Priest defeated Jay Ryan
7. Danny Daniels & Jayson Reign beat Michigan Invasion (N8 Mattson & Truth Martini)
8. Christian York defeated Marek Brave
9. 2 out of 3 falls: Dash & Tweek Phoenix beat Bryce Benjamin & Shane Hollister
10. Tyler Black defeated Krotch
11. AAW Heavyweight Title: Jerry Lynn beat Skullkrusher to retain his title.

ACW 8/5 – The Venue in San Antonio, Texas
1. Julio Garza beat Absolute Andy
2. U-30 Tournament – Round 1: Tony Morales beat Nathan Sin
3. U-30 Tournament – Round 1: Shawn Vexx defeated Kris Katera
4. 3 Way Elimination Match: Rachel Summerlyn beat Jason Gore & Marco Riviera
5. ACW Hardcore Title: Jacob Ladder defeated Ricky Rhodes to retain his title.
6. Rexx Reed beat Massive
7. Double Trouble (Chris James & Tony Vega) defeated Berry Breeze & Problems
8. JT LaMotta beat Matt Sydal
9. Mike Dell/Rory Fox/Gregory Symonds defeated Darin Childs/Jerry Lynn/Showtime Summers

CZW 8/11 – New Alhambra Sports & Entertainment Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania drawing 300 fans
1. Joker beat Ryan McBride
2. Ricky Reyes defeated CJ O’Doyle
3. Jon Dahmer beat Danny Demanto
4. Derek Frazier defeated Ricochet
5. DJ Hyde beat Monsta Mack
6. Unlucky 13 Match: Danny Havoc defeated Dustin Lee
7. CZW Heavyweight Title: Ruckus battled Homicide to a no contest to retain his title when Joker & Ricky Reyes interfered.
8. BLKOUT (Joker & Ruckus) beat The Rottweilers (Homicide & Ricky Reyes)
9. Team AnDREW (Andy Sumner & Drew Gulak) defeated Cheech & Chuck Taylor
10. Ladder Match for the CZW Jr. Heavyweight Title: Vortekz beat Cloudy to retain his title.
11. 4 Corners of Pain for the CZW Iron Man Title: “Mr. Insanity” Toby Klein defeated Freak Show & Insane Lane to retain his title.
12. CZW Ultraviolent Underground Title: Brain Damage battled Drake Younger to a double pinfall to retain his title.

EPW 8/3 – Park District Recreation Center in Oak Forest, Illinois
1. Kimberly Kash beat Candice LaRae
2. Jeff Brooks/Mike Horning/Kris Hybrid defeated Marlon Fontaine/Rob James/Jake O’Neill
3. Arya Daivari beat Ricochet
4. Dysfunction battled Brandon Thomaselli to a double countout.
5. Acid/Double M/Synn defeated Abaddon/Baltazar/Stryc-9
6. Chuck Taylor beat Jason Hades
7. EPW Heavyweight Title: Chase Richards defeated Larry Sweeney to retain his title.
8. EPW Tag Titles: The Iron Saints (Sal & Vito Thomaselli) beat The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Double C) and The Naptown Dragons (Vortekz & Drake Younger) to retain their titles.

GWP 8/11 – Waleska Ballpark in Canton, Georgia
1. JT Tallent beat Wes Grissom
2. Kyle Matthews defeated Seth Delay
3. Big Head Hansen beat Andrew Pendleton III
4. Chick Donovan defeated Chris Lightning
5. Kory Chavis beat Nemesis
6. #1 Contenders Match for the Southern Tag Titles: The Hellbillies (JessCO Blue & Timbo) defeated The Regular Guys (Billy Hill & Tyler Smith)
7. No Countouts: The Devil’s Rejects (Iceberg Slim & Shaun Tempers) beat Ace Rockwell & Slim J

HRW 8/4 – Hesperia High School in Hesperia, California
1. Lil’ Cholo beat Markus Riot
2. Hook Bomberry & Ron Kilbourn defeated Ryan Mason & Ryan Taylor
3. Loser Leaves Town: Steven Andrews beat Shawn Bateman
4. Street Fight for the HRW High Desert Title: TJ Perkins defeated Johnny Paradise to win the title.
5. HRW Tag Titles: Shane & Shannon Ballard beat Killer Tsunami (CK & Ronnie Tsunami) to win the titles.
6. Marty Jannetty & The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) defeated Karl Anderson/Diablo/Joey Ryan

IPW 8/4 – Fountain Square Salvation Army Gym in Indianapolis, Indiana (6th Anniversary Show)
1. Lou Roberts beat Ryan Rich
2. 4 Way Dance: Dustin Rayz defeated Sami Callihan/Louis Linares/xOMGx
3. Jon Moxley beat Billy Roc
4. Faith In Nothing (Christian Faith & Vincent Nothing) battled The Mavericks to a no contest.
5. Dave Davidson defeated Drake Younger
6. IPW Jr. Heavyweight Title: Vortekz beat Nate Webb to retain his title.
7. Candice LaRae defeated Louis Linares
8. Indiana Kidd beat PT Hussla
9. Osyris defeated Hillbilly Jedd
10. Carlton Kaz beat Dustin Lee
11. Irish Airborne (Dave & Jake Crist) defeated The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Double C)

IWA Mid-South 8/4 – Capitol Sports Center in Plainfield, Indiana
1. Jack Thriller beat Ben McCoy
2. Ash & CJ Otis defeated Kris Chambers & Mike Stevens
3. Dysfunction beat Josh Abercrombie
4. Roderick Strong defeated “Mr. Insanity” Toby Klein
5. Matt Sydal beat Ricochet
6. Rollin Hard defeated Z-Barr
7. No Countouts, No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere Match for the IWA Women’s Title: Mickie Knuckles beat Chuck Taylor to win the title.
8. BJ Whitmer defeated Deranged
9. Necro Butcher beat Davey Richards
10. 8 Way Dance: Nate Webb defeated Billy Roc/Brian Skyline/Chrisjen Hayme/Detox/Devon Moore/Vortekz/xOMGx
11. Fans Bring the Weapons: Freak Show/Insane Lane/Tank beat Corporal Robinson/Ian Rotten/Drake Younger

IWA Mid-South 8/5 – Alley Cats Bowling Alley in Sellersburg, Indiana
1. Tarek the Great beat Hy-Zaya
2. Roderick Strong defeated Ca$h Flo
3. Chrisjen Hayme beat Detox
4. “Mr. Insanity” Toby Klein defeated Deranged
5. BJ Whitmer beat Davey Richards
6. Ash & CJ Otis defeated The Trailer Park Boyz (Josh Abercrombie & Nate Webb)
7. High Impact Tables Match: Devon Moore & Mickie Knuckles beat Insane Lane & Tank
8. 5 Way Dance: Dysfunction defeated Kris Chambers/Ben McCoy/Brian Skyline/Mike Stevens
9. #1 Contender Match for the IWA Death Match Title: Corporal Robinson battled Necro Butcher to a double pin.
10. Flaming Ropes Death Match: Ian Rotten beat Freak Show

IWC 8/4 – Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania
1. Troy Lords beat Azrieal
2. 3 Way Elimination Match for the IWC Tag Titles: Sexual Harassment (Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol) defeated Michael Façade & Johnny Gargano and The Hollywood Balds (Jimmy DeMarco & Vendetta)
3. Raymond Rowe beat Ricky Reyes
4. The Burning River Brigade (Josh Prohibition & M-Dogg 20) defeated Southern Comfort (Chris Hamrick & Tracy Smothers)
5. IWC Super Indy Title: John McChesney beat Delirious to retain his title.
6. J-Rocc defeated Bubba the Bulldog
7. Brent Albright beat HENTAI
8. IWC Tag Titles: Marshall & Mickey Gambino defeated Babyface Fire (Jason Gory & Shiima Xion) to retain their titles.
9. IWC Heavyweight Title: Dennis Gregory beat Sterling James Keenan to retain his title.

MAXW 8/11 – Municipal Center in Williamston, South Carolina
1. Nick Halen beat Alexander Phoenix
2. MAXW Tag Titles: Caesar Chavez & Adrian Hawkins defeated The Wildbois to retain their titles.
3. MAXW X Division Title: Golden Eagle beat Don Matthews to retain his title.
4. Brodie Ray Chase defeated Chris King
5. MAXW Hardcore Title: Chris Blade beat Cruizer Lewis to retain his title.
6. JT Chase & Sly Storm fought Carnivius & Aaron Lee to a draw.
7. Falls Count Anywhere & No DQ Match: Shadow Jackson defeated Jeremy Vain

NWA Anarchy 8/4 – NWA Arena in Cornelia, Georgia drawing 180 fans
1. The World’s Prettiest Tag Team (Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins) beat Anger Alliance (Brandon Phoenix & Brodie Ray Chase)
2. The Devil’s Rejects (Azrael & Shaun Tempers) defeated Hustle Squad (Nick Halen & Mike Pittman)
3. Tony Santarelli beat Wesley Grissom
4. Anarchy Tag Titles: Awesome Attraction (Austin Creed & Hayden Young) beat Kory Chavis & Jeff Lewis to retain their titles.
5. Derrick Driver & Steven Walters defeated The Hollywood Brunettes (Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews)
6. #1 Contenders Rumble for the Anarchy Heavyweight Title: Iceberg Slim eliminated Phil Shatter to win.

NWA Wisconsin 8/4 – Tanner’s in Kimberly, Wisconsin
1. Jose Guerrero beat The Great Malaki
2. Loser must change last name: Marco Stylz defeated Jerry Stylz by DQ.
3. NWA Midwest X Division Title: Jason Dukes beat Prince Ali to retain his title.
4. 6 Way Dance for the ACW X Division Title vs. ICW Cruiserweight Title: Justin Dreed defeated Brandon Blaze/Nick Colucci/Arya Daivari/Rob James/Brandon Madrox
5. Adrian Lynch beat Marco Stylz
6. #1 Contenders Gauntlet Match for the NWA Wisconsin Tag Titles: American History Next (Hardcore Craig & Steve Stone) defeated The Dream Police (Chris Gambino & Don Gotti) – Order of Elimination: Kody Rice & Jason Riley/Jared Johnsonville & Mace Morgan/Chase McCoy & Mark Priebe/Tony Mega & Scotty Pryde/The Dream Police
7. NWA Midwest Heavyweight Title: Jay Ryan beat Skullkrusher to retain his title.
8. NWA Wisconsin Heavyweight Title: Silas Young defeated Austin Aries to retain his title.

Promociones Vela 8/12 – Club Ka-Lua in San Antonio, Texas
1. La Chicanita beat La Chota
2. Dragon-X defeated Gabe the Babe
3. Bello Florindo & Karla Maria beat Atrevido & Soldado Infernal
4. Insolito & Tigre Universitario defeated Black Killer & Kendor
5. Mongol Chino & Sicodelico Jr. beat Gato Volador & Tinieblas Jr. by DQ when Chino faked a foule by Gato.

UWF 8/3 – Riddle Center in Fayetteville, North Carolina
1. Human Tornado & Caleb Konley beat The Diamonds in the Rough (Elix Skipper & David Young)
2. D-Lo Brown & Ron “The Truth” Killings defeated Jake Manning & Joey Silvia
3. Scott Steiner beat Dustin Rhodes
4. The Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens) defeated Sonjay Dutt & Sabu
5. Senshi beat Chris Sabin
6. Christopher Daniels & AJ Styles defeated The Extreme Horsemen (CW Anderson & Steve Corino)

UWF 8/4 – Jacksonville Commons Recreation Center in Jacksonville, North Carolina
1. Scott Steiner beat Caleb Konley
2. D-Lo Brown & Ron “The Truth” Killings defeated Joey Silvia & AJ Styles
3. 3 Way Dance: Human Tornado beat TJ Mack & Jake Manning
4. Chris Sabin defeated Sonjay Dutt
5. XXX (Christopher Daniels/Senshi/Elix Skipper) beat Andy Douglas/Chase Stevens/David Young
6. Monsters Ball Match: Sabu defeated Steve Corino & Dustin Rhodes

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