Antonio Inoki Talks About IGF

Antonio Inoki announced today that IGF will run their first show on 6/29 at Sumo Hall in Tokyo and made sure to tell the press that there is no relation between IGF & New Japan. Inoki said that he has no hard feelings with New Japan management but he wants these groups to be separate as New Japan has taken a different route than when he had input in the company. Inoki said that even though his son-in-law Simon resigned from New Japan, he is not an employee of IGF but works for the Inoki Office, which if you look at it is basically the same thing. Inoki said that IGF will not be a Japanese-centric company and wrestlers from around the world will be brought in but he will use many Japanese wrestlers and hopes that IGF can take guys who have taken a step back lately and will reproduce them using Tadao Yasuda’s name as an example. Inoki said that he plans to run Osaka & Nagoya during the summer and wants to spread his version of pro wrestling back around the country since he thinks that the companies today aren’t showcasing what he thinks pro wrestling should be.

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