Apache Army 4/29 Results

4/29 – Shin-kiba 1st Ring in Tokyo drawing 300 fans
1. Yuko Miyamoto beat Yusaku Obata in 8:22 with a half crab.
2. Tomohiko Hashimoto defeated Katsumasa Inoue in 8:08 with the XCT.
3. Tomoaki Honma beat Hi69 in 12:15 with the Turmeric Clutch.
4. Ryuji Ito & Kintaro Kanemura battled Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Mammoth Sasaki to a 30:00 draw.
5. GENTARO defeated Takashi Sasaki by countout in 14:09.
5a. GENTARO beat Takashi Sasaki in 2:56 with the Gedo Clutch.
6. Moonlight Darkness Fluorescent Light Tubes Drawing Pins Death Match: Jun Kasai defeated The W*inger in 16:26 with the Pearl Harbor Splash. GENTARO came out after the match and told everyone the he abhors the idea of death matches, which angered Kasai who challenged him to a match on 5/26 then Takashi Sasaki came out and demanded a 3 Way Dance and it was accepted.

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