Dragon Gate 4/17 Results

4/17 – Korakuen Hall drawing 2,350 fans
1. Lupin Matsutani battled Shisa Boy to a no contest in :15 when Cyber Kong & MO’z interfered.
2. 3 Way Dance: K-NESS & Stalker Ichikawa Z and Yuki Ono & Akira Tozawa beat Jackson & Johnson Florida in 7:25 by TKO when Jackson missed a diving knee drop.
3. Kenichiro Arai & Taku Iwasa defeated Don Fujii & Yasushi Kanda in 9:50 when Iwasa used a crucifix on Fujii.
4. Elimination Match: Typhoon (CIMA/Dragon Kid/Ryo Saito/Matt Sydal/Susumu Yokosuka) beat Muscle Outlawz (Cyber Kong/Naruki Doi/Jack Evans/Gamma/Genki Horiguchi/Magnitude Kishiwada/Masato Yoshino) in 30:51 when DK used the Ultra Huracarana on Doi. Order of Elimination: Jack Evans/Gamma/Matt Sydal/Magnitude Kishiwada/Ryo Saito/Cyber Kong/CIMA/Genki Horiguchi/Susumu Yokosuka/Masato Yoshino/Naruki Doi. BxB Hulk attacked CIMA after the match and then Cyber Kong attacked Gamma then both shook hands forming their own unit with another man who turned out to be the returning Shingo Takagi and Yamato Onodera who will return soon. Hulk demanded a shot at the OTG next month which K-NESS made official.
5. Open the Dream Gate: Jushin Thunder Liger defeated Masaaki Mochizuki in 22:11 with a vertical drop brainbuster to retain his title. Liger asked for challengers after the match and them CIMA came out but Liger laughed him off saying that he lost to Jado last month and he would have to defeat him to get a shot. Gamma then announced after the show that he wants the next shot.

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