New Japan News For 4/14

IWGP Heavyweight Champ Yuji Nagata stated today that he wants to breath new blood into IWGP Heavyweight Title matches and said that he would like to defend the title in smaller buildings like Korakuen Hall because he thinks that defenses in those buildings against the right opponents could be sensational for the fans because in his opinion the fans that attend those shows are the diehards and they deserve big matches as well. The last IWGP Heavyweight Title defense at Korakuen Hall was in December 1988 when Tatsumi Fujinami successfully defended against the WCCW Heavyweight Champ Kerry Von Erich.

Shinsuke Nakamura is demanding a rubber match between him and Togi Makabe as they are tied right now at 1-1 for this year and he said that since he did Makabe’s style of match in a Chain Death Match last time, he wants Makabe to enter his world and have a Different Style Fight.

Yujiro Takahashi called out Daisuke Sekimoto today saying that no indy wrestler should invade the “holy ground” that is the New Japan Dojo and that he will make him pay on 5/6 when he teams with Dick Togo to face Sekimoto & Milano Collection AT. Yujiro said that any indy wrestler who invades the New Japan Dojo without an invitation targetting someone of Manabu Nakanishi’s stature is a disgrace.

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