Osaka Pro 4/28 Results

4/28 – Osaka Festival Gate drawing 184 fans
1. Super Dolphin beat Takoyakida in 6:54 with the Jackhammer.
2. 3 Way Dance: Super Delfin defeated Ebessan III & Kuishinbo Kamen in 9:29 with a Cobra Twist on Ebessan.
3. Atsushi Kotoge beat Daisuke Harada in 8:20 by pinfall.
4. Roberto Tanaka defeated La Uchida in 9:59 with a Boston Crab cutback.
5. MASAMUNE & Zeus beat Flash Moon & Miracle Man in 8:56 when MASAMUNE pinned Miracle.
6. Asian Coogar/Billy Ken Kid/Tigers Mask defeated Condor/GAINA/Hideyoshi in 17:32 when Tigers used a Tigers Suplex hold on Condor. After the match, Goa made his return to Osaka Pro and joined up with Bad Force. Goa is the former character of Super Dolphin.

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