US Indy Results for 4/11 - 4/14

AAW 4/14 – Eagles Club in Berwyn, Illinois
1. Daryck St. Holmes beat Mark Wolf
2. Skullkrusher defeated Silas Young
3. Ryan Boz & Dan Lawrence beat Bonebreaker Brooks & Kris Hybrid
4. Tyler Black defeated Phil Atlas
5. Krotch battled Hunter Matthews to a no contest when N8 Mattson & Truth Martini interfered.
6. AAW Tag Titles: Zach Gowen & Krotch beat The Michigan Invasion (N8 Mattson & Truth Martini) to win the titles.
7. Dash & Tweek Phoenix defeated Charly Manson Jr. & Tyme Paige
8. 6 Way Dance for the AAW Heritage Title: Eric Priest beat Bryce Benjamin/Trik Davis/Shane Hollister/Chandler McClure/BJ Whitmer to retain his title
9. Danny Daniels defeated Hunter Matthews
10. Jayson Reign beat Michael Prater
11. 3 Way Dance for the AAW Heavyweight Title: Marek Brave defeated Jay Ryan & Tony Scarpone to retain his title.

EWF 4/13 – Knights of Columbus in Covina, California
1. EWF Cruiserweight Title: Ryan Taylor beat Damien Slater to retain his title.
2. Vizzion defeated Dave the Bruiser
3. Angelas beat Dan Kobrick
4. La Ola del Mal (Black Metal & Xtreme Loco) defeated Midnight Dynamite (Johnny Paradise & Charles Mercury)
5. Webster Dauphiney beat Liger Rivera
6. TJ Perkins defeated Kid Karnage
7. EWF American Title: Human Tornado beat Karl Anderson to win the title.
8. Submission Match for the EWF Heavyweight Title: Joey Harder defeated Hook Bomberry to retain his title.

IWA EC 4/11 – Community Center in South Charleston, West Virginia
1. Delirious beat Kikutaro
2. Mickie Knuckles defeated Daizee Haze
3. NOSAWA beat Gypsy Joe
4. Mitch Ryder defeated Trik Nasty
5. Ian Rotten battled Eddie Kingston to a no contest.
6. IWA EC Heavyweight Title: El Drunko beat Jerry Lynn to win the title.
7. Fans Bring the Weapons: Juggulator battled Mad Man Pondo to a no contest.

IWA Mid-South 4/14 – Southwestern Consolidated Schools in Shelbyville, Indiana drawing 356 fans
1. 5 Way Dance: Vortekz beat DieHard/Jack Thriller/Ricochet/xOMGx
2. Teo defeated Puppet
3. IWA Womens Title: Mickie Knuckles beat Christie Summers to retain her titile.
4. The Iron Saints (Sal & Vito Thomaselli) defeated Billy Roc & Tony Kozina
5. Demolition Ax beat Tank
6. Tables/Ladders/Chairs Match for the IWA Lt. Heavyweight Title: Brandon Thomaselli defeated Josh Abercrombie to win the title.
7. CJ Otis beat Nate Webb
8. Danny Basham battled Ian Rotten to a double countout.
9. Honky Tonk Man defeated Mitch Ryder
10. IWA Heavyweight Title: Chuck Taylor beat Drake Younger to retain his title.

IWC 4/14 – Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania
1. Michael Façade beat John McChesney
2. The Heartbreakers (Romeo Roselli & Antonio Thomas) defeated Sexual Harassment (Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol)
3. Dennis Gregory beat Eddie Kingston
4. Jimmy Jacobs defeated Larry Sweeney
5. Elimination Match: The Family (Jimmy DeMarco/Marshall & Mickey Gambino/Vendetta) beat Jason Gory/J-Rocc/Raymond Rowe/Shiima Xion
6. Dean Radford defeated CJ Sensation
7. Brent Albright beat. Sterling James Keenan
8. IWC Heavyweight Title: Ricky Reyes defeated Troy Lords to retain his title.

NGW 4/14 – Notley/Peterson Gym in Lynwood, California drawing 65 fans
1. Shawn Bateman & Nikki beat Infernal & Candice LaRae
2. Ronnie Tsunami defeated Ryan Mason
3. 3 Way Dance: Human Tornado beat Markus Riot & Steve Pain
4. Karl Anderson defeated TJ Perkins
5. Leo Blaze beat Guerrero de Sangre
6. Ronin defeated Lil’ Cholo
7. That 70’s Team (Disco Machine & Joey Ryan) beat Gunning for Hookers (Hook Bomberry & Top Gun Talwar)

SCPW 4/14 – Oceanside High School in Oceanside, California drawing 200 fans
1. Shane & Shannon Ballard beat The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)
2. Scott Lost defeated Ricky Mandell
3. SoCal Crazy beat David E. Jones
4. 3 Way Dance: Paranoia defeated Chimaera & Thunderwolf
5. Joey Harder beat Charles Mercury
6. Jason Redondo defeated Al Katrazz

Wrestle Birmingham 4/14 – Community Center in Graysville, Alabama drawing 275 fans
1. Anton Laveigh beat Brandon Barbwire
2. Dan Sawyer defeated Jason Phoenix
3. Bambi beat Daffney
4. Bill Franklin defeated River D’Angelo
5. Bloodline (Billy Blade & Michael Raine) beat The Dog River Boys (Will Owens & Ricky Roberts)
6. 3 Way Dance: Mike Jackson battled El Mexicano & Ultimate Dragon to a no contest when Will Owens & Jimmy Powell interfered.
7. Decision Match for the WB TV Title: Dennis Condrey defeated Brad Armstrong to win the title.
8. WB Heavyweight Title: McNasty battled Bull Buchanan to a no contest to retain his title.

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