Antonio Inoki & The Hogans Meet Up

Antonio Inoki & Hulk Hogan reunited today at Hulk’s daughter Brooke’s record signing at a store in Tokyo and Hogan told everyone that watching Inoki work in the ring changed his whole career because he studied him and other Japanese wrestlers to learn their style better. Inoki had the original IWGP Heavyweight Title belt with him and gave it to Hogan who talked about the great memories he had facing Inoki for that title including their infamous match on 6/2/83 which Hogan KOed Inoki with the Axe Bomber to win the title. Brooke went on to say that her dad has talked about that match many times and that it was one of his personal favorites. Hulk said that him and Inoki hasn’t gotten together yet about possibly working the IGF debut show on 6/29 at Sumo Hall but sorta hinted that it would be nice if Brooke got to sing on the show.

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