Antonio Inoki's Grand Plans

Antonio Inoki announced on Thursday that Kurt Angle has accepted the IGF’s offer compete on their debut show at Sumo Hall on 6/29 joining Josh Barnett as the only two official names booked for the show. Inoki said that he is getting close to striking a deal with Brock Lesnar as well and if that happens then IGF will have their own version of the 3 Muskateers like New Japan had with Masahiro Chono/Shinya Hashimoto/Keiji Muto and PRIDE had with Antonio Rodrigo Nogiuera/Mirko CroCop/Fedor Emelianenko. Inoki also admitted that he is talking with Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff about not only getting Hogan to work for IGF but Paul Wight as well. Inoki then said that LYOTO Machida and Tadao Yasuda would most likely be working the debut show also.

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