ZERO-ONE 5/27 Results

5/27 – Korakuen Hall drawing 1,500 fans (Samurai)
1. Shota Takanishi beat Osamu Namiguchi in 6:01 with the Sheep Wing.
2. Ikuto Hidaka defeated Super Shisa in 11:06 with the Solarina.
3. Kazunari Murakami beat Lingerie Muto in 3:37 with a face kick.
4. Minoru Fujita battled Masao Orihara to a no contest in 5:43 when Macho Pump & Muneki Sawa interfered.
4a. Macho Pump & Masao Orihara defeated Minoru Fujita & Muneki Sawa in 6:13 when Macho used the Macho Bottom on Sawa.
5. Extreme Rules: Yoshihiro Tajiri beat Steve Corino in 13:45 with the Buzzsaw Kick.
6. Fire Festival Determination Match & NWA United National Heavyweight Title: Daisuke Sekimoto defeated Kamikaze in 12:01 with a German Suplex hold to retain his title.
7. Fire Festival Determination Match: Yoshito Sasaki beat Masato Tanaka in 14:04 with a lariat.
8. Fire Festival Determination Match: Kohei Sato defeated Shinjiro Otani in 14:15 with a Tiger Suplex hold.
9. Fire Festival Determination Match: Ryouji Sai beat Takao Omori in 18:59 with a cradle. Sai said after the match that the generation change is in full swing now it is time for him, Sasaki, and even Sato to make their charge.

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