Osaka Pro 5/26 Results

5/26 – Osaka Festival Gate drawing 172 fans
1. Daisuke Harada beat Tadasuke in 6:55 with a modified shoulder hold.
2. Asian Coogar defeated Flash Moon in 9:22 with the Kido Clutch.
3. Condor beat Miracle Man in 9:00 after the towel was thrown in.
4. Kuishinbo Kamen & Super Delfin defeated Ebessan III & Takoyakida in 11:06 when Kamen used the Kankuu Tornado on Takoyakida.
5. Hideyoshi/MASAMUNE/Zero beat Billy Ken Kid/Atsushi Kotoge/Tigers Mask in 17:15 when Zero used the World’s Best Splash on Kotoge.

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