Indy Results From 5/11 - 5/13

BTW 5/12 – Boys & Girls Club in Springfield, Massachusetts drawing 475 fans
1. 3 Way Dance: Malice beat Brian Anthony & Benny Juxx
2. The Alumni Club defeated Chris Camaro & Mark Malibu
3. Kevin Landry beat Kurt Adonis
4. BTW US Tag Titles: Rush & Slade defeated Big Bear Matoush & Wolfman Banford to retain their titles.
5. BTW Heavyweight Title: John Walters beat Jay Lethal to win the title.
6. King Kong Bundy defeated Richard Byrne
7. BTW US Heavyweight Title: Gino Martino beat Doink the Clown to retain his title.
8. Antonio Thomas defeated Frankie Arion
9. Talia Madison beat Lexus
10. Tables/Ladders/Chairs Match: Brother Runt defeated Justin Credible
11. Battle Royal won by Aaron Morrison

CZW 5/12 – New Alhambra Sports & Entertainment Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1. 3 Way Dance: Ryan McBride beat Jon Dahmer & Greg Excellent
2. CJ O’Doyle defeated JC Ryder
3. The Iron Saints (Sal & Vito Thomaselli) beat Team AnDrew (Andy Sumner & Drew Gulak)
4. Niles Young defeated Ruckus
5. Sabian beat Derek Frazier
6. CZW Iron Man Title: “Mr. Insanity” Toby Klein defeated DJ Hyde to win the title.
7. Ultraviolent Underground Match: Drake Younger beat Havoc
8. Cheech defeated Grim Reefer
9. CZW Jr. Heavyweight Title: Vortekz beat Cloudy to retain his title.
10. CZW Ultraviolent Underground Title: Brain Damage defeated Drake Younger to win the title.

FSM 5/11 – Camelot Sportsplex in Portage, Indiana
1. Jigsaw beat Gran Akuma
2. Metal Master (Chad Collyer) defeated Shane Hollister
3. Dash & Tweek Phoenix beat The Iron Saints (Sal & Vito Thomaselli)
4. Josh Abercrombie defeated Human Tornado
5. Alex Shelley beat Low-Ki
6. 4 Way Dance: Billy Roc & Trik Davis defeated Marek Brave & Ryan Epic/The North Star Express (Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz)/CJ Otis & Truth Martini
7. Falls Count Anywhere Match for the NWA World Womens Title: Amazing Kong beat Ann Brookstone to retain her title.
8. Eddie Kingston defeated Joey Ryan
9. Arik Cannon beat Joey Mercury
10. Marty Jannetty defeated Tyler Black – Cannon tried to attack Black afterwards but Jannetty helped Black fight him off doing double team Rockers moves.
11. NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Title: Mike Quackenbush beat Tiger Mask IV to win the title.

Inoki Dojo 5/13 – Inoki Dojo in East Los Angeles, California drawing 50 fans
1. Apocalipto & Colossal Chris beat Cadaver & Thunder Wolf
2. Bad Blood defeated Sexy Chino
3. Cheerleader Melissa beat Saki Maemura
4. LTP & Pikachu defeated Durango & Impacto
5. Tony Bolt beat Jimmy Jact Cash
6. Josh Daniels & Masato Tanaka defeated Shock-Waver (The Robot & Sigmo)
7. AWA World Womens Title: Nanae Takahashi beat Amazing Kong to win the title.

IWA Mid-South 5/11 – Capitol Sports Center in Plainfield, Indiana drawing 177 fans
1. Chrisjen Hayme beat Cabana Man Dan
2. IWA Womens Title: Mickie Knuckles defeated Christie Summers to retain her title.
3. Devon Moore beat Vortekz
4. Jack Thriller & Zach McGuire defeated Ricochet & Jimmy Shalwin
5. Mitch Ryder beat Flash Flanagan
6. No DQ 3 Way Dance: The Pretty Unreals (Ash & Michael Elgin) defeated The Naptown Dragons (Dustin Lee & xOMGx) & Southern Rock (Hillbilly Jed & Indiana Kidd Jr.)
7. Tracy Smothers beat Z-Barr
8. AJ Styles defeated Joker
9. IWA Heavyweight Title: Chuck Taylor beat Danny Basham to retain his title.
10. Fans Bring the Weapons Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match: Six Feet Under (Freakshow & Insane Lane) battled Tank & Drake Younger to a no contest.

IWA Mid-South 5/12 – Hartman Recreation Center in Joilet, Illinois drawing 150 fans
1. Joker beat Gran Akuma
2. The Pretty Unreals (Ash & Michael Elgin) defeated The Naptown Dragons (Dustin Lee & xOMGx)
3. Jimmy Shalwin beat Z-Barr
4. 7 Way #1 Contender Elimination Match for the IWA Lt. Heavyweight Title: Josh Abercrombie defeated Billy Roc/Human Tornado/Jack Thriller/Zack McGuire/CJ Otis/Ricochet
5. Tiger Mask IV beat AJ Styles
6. Joey Mercury defeated Tyler Black
7. IWA Lt. Heavyweight Title: Brandon Thomaselli beat Jigsaw to retain his title.
8. IWA Heavyweight Title: Chuck Taylor defeated Devon Moore to retain his title.
9. Falls Count Anywhere Match: Axl Rotten beat Tank
10. Hotstuff Hernandez defeated Eddie Kingston

IWC 5/11 – The Palisades in McKeesport, Pennsylvania drawing 466 fans
1. Super Indy Tournament – Bracket B: HENTAI beat Brother Runt
2. Super Indy Tournament – Bracket B: Shiima Xion defeated Ruckus
3. Gauntlet Match for the IWC Tag Titles: Michael Façade & Johnny Gargano beat Marshall & Mickey Gambino to win the titles. Other teams: The Hollywood Balds (Jimmy DeMarco & Vendetta)/The Cleveland Mafia (J-Rocc & Raymond Rowe)/Sexual Harassment (Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol)/The Heartbreakers (Romeo Roselli & Antonio Thomas)
4. Super Indy Tournament – Bracket A: Larry Sweeney defeated Jay Lethal
5. Super Indy Tournament – Bracket A: Azrieal beat Sonjay Dutt
6. Super Indy Tournament – Semifinals: Shiima Xion defeated HENTAI
7. Super Indy Tournament – Semifinals: Larry Sweeney beat Azrieal
8. 4 Way Dance for the IWC Super Indy Title: Jason Gory defeated Troy Lords/John McChesney/Eric Young to win the title.
9. IWC Heavyweight Title: Dennis Gregory beat Ricky Reyes to win the title.
10. Super Indy Tournament – Finals: Larry Sweeney defeated Shiima Xion

SCPW 5/12 – Oceanside High School in Oceanside, California drawing 185 fans
1. Hector Canales beat Hop Sing Lee
2. Matt Twizted defeated SoCal Crazy
3. Shane & Shannon Ballard beat Evan Jelik & Johnny Goodtime
4. Charles Mercury defeated Paranoia
5. Karl Anderson beat Ricky Mandel
6. Al Katrazz & Big Babi Slymm defeated Joe Kimball & Jason Redondo

UWF 5/11 – Lake Norman High School in Mooresville, North Carolina
1. 3 Way Dance: Bobby Houston beat Damien Wayne & Jake Manning
2. The Extreme Horsemen (CW Anderson & Steve Corino) defeated Team Macktion (Kirby & TJ Mack)
3. Chris Harris & Gail Kim beat James Storm & Jackie Moore
4. Raven defeated Jerry Lynn
5. First Blood Match: David Flair beat Dustin Rhodes
6. D-Lo Brown & Rikishi Phatu defeated Diamonds in the Rough (Elix Skipper & David Young)

UWF 5/12 – Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club in Greensboro, North Carolina drawing 250 fans
1. Jerry Lynn beat CW Anderson
2. SR – Sgt. Slaughter: D-Lo Brown defeated Raven
3. SR – Jackie Moore: Daffney beat Gail Kim
4. Chris Harris defeated James Storm
5. 3 Way Dance: Dustin Rhodes beat Damien Wayne & Bobby Houston
6. Steve Corino defeated Ric Converse
7. Kirby & TJ Mack/Rikishi Phatu beat Jake Manning/Elix Skipper/David Young

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