EMLL 5/11 Results

5/11 – Arena Mexico
1. Euforia/Nosferatu/Virus beat Brillante/Leono/Stuka Jr.
2. Averno/Black Warrior/Mephisto defeated Felino/Heavy Metal/Negro Casas – El Black & Negro threw out challenges for a hair match afterwards.
3. Torneo Cibernetico Grand Prix: Ultimo Guerrero used the Guerrero Special (reverse superplex) on Jushin Thunder Liger in 45:05 to win. Order of Elimination: Pierroth by Olimpico at 13:03 with a modified inside cradle. Shigeo Okumura by Rey Bucanero at 13:35 with the Buca Storm. Hijo del Lizmark by Minoru Suzuki at 21:16 with a sleeper hold. Olimpico by Marco Corleone at 22:21 with a lariat. Alex Koslov & Atlantis by DDQ at 23:38. Hirooki Goto by Sagrado at 25:29 with a moonsault press. Rey Bucanero by Jushin Thunder Liger at 28:37 with avalanche-style frankensteiner. Minoru Suzuki by Ultimo Guerrero by DQ at 33:11 when Yoshihiro Takayama interfered throwing UG off the top rope to the floor. Ultimo Dragon by Dos Caras Jr. at 34:08 with a German Suplex hold. Dos Caras Jr. by Marco Corleone at 34:25 with a diving body press. Dr. Wagner Jr. by Jushin Thunder Liger at 37:53 with an avalanche-style vertical drop brainbuster. Marco Corleone by Ultimo Guerrero at 39:20 by pinfall. Sagrado by Jushin Thunder Liger at 41:11 with the Gedo Clutch. Jushin Thunder Liger by Ultimo Guerrero at 45:05 with the Guerrero Special (reverse superplex). Suzuki stated after the match that he felt honored that the “internet nerds” in Mexico knew who he was and chanted his name throughout the match. Suzuki said that both he and Takayama are enjoying Mexico and Suzuki would like to make a Triple Crown defense before he heads back to Japan.

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