Indy Results from Around the World for 3/28 - 3/31

EWP 3/31 – Hangar #5 in Hanover, Germany drawing 600 fans
1. Doug Williams beat Murat Bosporus
2. Eric Schwarz & Leon van Gasteren defeated Robbie Brookside & Thunder by DQ.
3. Ecki Eckstein beat Florian Jäger
4. Patrick Schulz defeated The Flatliner
5. Cannonball Grizzly beat Hotstuff Hernandez

RoE 3/31 – Egelmoos Turnhalle in Amriswil, Switzerland
1. Payday Patterson beat Kobra
2. Marc Strong defeated Il Drago
3. Marc Roudin beat Andres Diamond
4. Tyler Black & Steve Douglas defeated The Hellvetics (Steve Allison & Jamie Gardner)
5. 4 Way Dance for the RoE Switzerland Lightweight Title: Red Devil beat Mr. Excellent/M-Dogg 20/Benny Montana
6. RoE Switzerland Openweight Title: Kaio defeated SigMasta Rappo to win the title.
7. RoE Switzerland Heavyweight Title: Are$ beat Damon Brix to retain his title.

ACW 3/29 – Fiesta Ballroom in Seguin, Texas
1. Chad Thomas beat Berry
2. Darin Childs battled Shance Williams to a no contest.
3. Rexx Reed defeated Spiro
4. Unlucky 13 Match: Hugh Rogue beat Chuey Martinez
5. Doink the Clown defeated Ricky Rhodes
6. 4 Way Elimination Match for the ACW Tag Titles: Children of Pain (Darin Childs & Jacob Ladder) eliminated Double Trouble (Chris James & Tony Vega) to retain their titles. Other participants: Kissyboots (Rachel Summerlyn & Tompkins) and Chad Thomas & Shance Williams
7. ACW Heavyweight Title: Showtime Summers beat Mitch Ryder to retain his title.

All-Star 3/31 – Memorial Fieldhouse in Logan, West Virginia
1. 10 Man Battle Royal won by Warpig
2. Shane Storm beat JC Lynch
3. Chance Prophet defeated Cole Cash
4. 4 Way Decision Match for the ASW Tag Titles: The Princes of Portugal (Vance Desmond & JD Santos) beat Charlie Dreamer & Jake Manning/Rated X/Tex-Mex Connection
5. Brad Thomas defeated Jason Jones
6. Ricky Morton beat Bobby Eaton
7. ASW Heavyweight Title: Juggulator defeated Chance Prophet (subbing for NOSAWA) to retain his title.
8. Mad Man Pondo beat Nate Webb

AWA 3/31 – AWA Arena in Union City, New Jersey drawing 275 fans
1. Decision Match for the vacant AWA Tag Titles: Team Yeah (Rayza & Sam Sational) beat High Impact (Chickie Cortez & Ricky Vega) and Pink & Black Attack (Bandido Jr. & Pinky Sanchez) to win the titles.
2. 3 Way Dance for the AWA Womens Title: Alexa Thatcher defeated Alicia & Melissa Stripes to win the title.
3. Flag Match: Kid Liberty & Thomas Rodriguez beat Dudes with Attitude (Giovanni Marranca & Steve Scott)
4. AWA TV Title: William Wyeth defeated Archadia to retain his title.
5. Handcuff Match: Los Boriquas (Luis Miguel Ortiz & Jose Luis Rivera) beat Repeat Offenders (Crazy Ivan & Pete Nixon)
6. Hollywood Inc. (Travis Blake/Javi-Air/Rob Vegas) defeated Average Joes (Azrieal/Gavin Quest/Joe Hardway)
7. 2 out of 3 falls for the AWA Lt. Heavyweight Title: Wes Draven beat Grim Reefer to win the title.
8. TNA X Division Title: Jay Lethal defeated Chris Sabin by DQ but Sabin retained his title.
9. No Holds Barred for the vacant AWA Heavyweight Title: Envy defeated Manslaughter to win the title.

IWA East Coast 3/30 – Skateland in Campbell’s Creek, West Virginia
1. Zac Vincent beat Aaron Draven
2. Warpig defeated Blizzard
3. Eddie Kingston battled Sam Hain to a DDQ.
4. Trik Nasty beat Ricky Morton
5. Abdullah the Butcher battled Insane Lane to a no contest
6. Shark Boy defeated El Drunko
7. Barbed Wire Board Death Match: Mad Man Pondo beat Juggulator

IWA Mid-South 3/31 – Don Preston Recreation Center in Midlothian, Illinois
1. Jack Thriller beat Danny Demanto
2. Billy Roc defeated Devon Moore
3. Jimmy Shalwin beat Jeff King
4. 3 Way Dance: Eddie Kingston defeated Joker & Ricky Reyes
5. The Iron Saints (Sal & Vito Thomaselli) beat Jason Hades & Troy Walters
6. The Iron Saints (Sal & Vito Thomaselli) defeated Ash & Michael Elgin
7. 4 Way Dance: Dysfunction beat Dustin Lee/xOMGx/Vortekz
8. Ian Rotten defeated Ricochet
9. IWA Lt. Heavyweight Title: Josh Abercrombie beat Brandon Thomaselli to retain his title.
10. Last Man Standing: CJ Otis defeated Drake Younger
11. Street Fight: Chuck Taylor beat Low-Ki

NWA Anarchy 3/31 – NWA Arena in Cornelia, Georgia drawing 300 fans
1. Austin Creed & Hayden Young beat The Hollywood Brunettes (Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews)
2. Salvatore Rinauro defeated Todd Sexton
3. Handicap Match: Patrick Bentley beat Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins
4. Double Noose Match for the Anarchy Tag Titles: Justice Served (Jason Justice & Mikki Free) defeated Urban Assault Squad (Nemesis & Shadow Jackson) to retain their titles.
5. Truitt Fields/Phil Shatter/Kirby Mack/TJ Mack/Phil Shatter beat Brandon Phoenix/Brodie Chase/Don Matthews/Adam Roberts
6. 4 Way Dance for the Anarchy Heavyweight Title & Anarchy TV Title: Chad Parham defeated Ace Rockwell to become the double champ. Other participants: Jeremy Vain & Slim J
7. Fans Bring the Weapons Handicap Match: The Devil’s Rejects (Azrael/Iceberg Slim/Tank/Shaun Tempers) vs. The NWA Elite (Kory Chavis/Jeff Lewis/David Young)

USWO 3/30 – Stadium Inn in Nashville, Tennessee drawing 95 fans
1. Cousin Jason X & New York Gangster beat Billy Merciless & Saint
2. LT Falk & Petey Wright defeated TJ Harley & Scott Sexton
3. Michael Jablonski beat Rob C
4. Mexican Dragon defeated Black Ninja
5. 2 out of 3 falls for the USWO Tag Titles: Chris Michaels & Shawn Schulz battled Shaun & Shayne Maddox to a no contest to retain their titles.
6. USWO TV Title: Arrick Andrews beat Jerry Lynn to retain his title.

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