Cruiser Game 5/6 Results

5/6 – Differ Ariake drawing 560 fans
1. SUSUMU beat Chon-Shiryu in 8:46 with a modified Death Valley Driver.
2. MASAMUNE & Toshie Uematsu defeated London Kid & Cherry in 11:25 when Uematsu used a Dragon Suplex hold on Cherry.
3. Yuko Miyamoto beat isami in 10:54 with a moonsault press.
4. Antonio Honda & Shuji Kondo defeated Muneki Sawa & Yuta Yoshikawa in 8:23 when Kondo used the King Kong Lariat on Yoshikawa.
5. KENTA beat KUDO in 20:11 with the Go 2 Sleep. KENTA wanted to shake KUDO’s hand after the match but KUDO denied him saying that he wants a rematch but in NOAH ring.
6. MIKAMI defeated Onryo in 23:59 with the Volcanic Bomb. MIKAMI stated after the match that he wants to promote more of these shows and wants to add heavyweights on shows at times.

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