Minoru Suzuki And Other All-Japan News

Triple Crown Champ Minoru Suzuki stated yesterday that he is taking the TC with him and he is leaving All-Japan because there is no one there with a backbone that wants to challenge him for the titles. Suzuki said that he thought that even the president would come out but he didn’t show his face and it proved to him that everyone there is gutless. Suzuki said that his schedule is now clean and that he plans on travelling to Mexico and the United States where he hopes to defend the TC while he is there. Suzuki said that maybe this might get some people in All-Japan to sack up and challenge him for the titles but until then he will do what he wants to do.

All-Japan Director Masa Fuchi expressed his anger towards Suzuki today when he announced the upcoming cards for All-Japan’s next tour, which doesn’t feature Suzuki saying that Muto is the defacto #1 contender for the TC and that he didn’t have to come out to address Suzuki because he didn’t need to. Fuchi said that he knows Suzuki will be back because he will be the one perceived as a coward for not defending against Muto and he knows that it will get to Suzuki soon enough.

Fuchi also announced that Brute Issei & Akira Raijin would be going to Canada as part of a learning excursion and would be training with Scott D’Amore and both men seemed excited to have the chance to work with such a great trainer and promised to come back to Japan ready to crush their rival Kohei Suwama.

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