Mistico Injured

EMLL announced on Friday that Mistico suffered a left shoulder injury that will put him out of action for about 3 weeks that they said took place on 5/2 at Auditorio Miguel Barragan in San Luis Potosi at the hands of Damian 666 & Halloween but it didn’t. Mistico was injured the day before during a match at Arena Isabel de Cuernavaca supposedly so he didn’t show up for the SLP show on time for his match, which the other wrestlers were out there trying to kill time waiting for him but the fans were quite rowdy. They started throwing stuff in the ring, which sent the wrestlers out and then started throwing chairs and burning Mistico masks with the others trying to get out of there before it got real bad. Mistico showed up at the building at 12:30 AM and told the press that his plane was late plus with his injury he just couldn’t show up but there were around 300 fans still in the building, so he came out to the ring as the fans chanted “Fraude” at him. He explained why he was late and then out of nowhere Damian 666 & Halloween came out and they worked spots trying to send those fans home happy.

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