Apache Army 6/24 Results

6/24 – Korakuen Hall drawing 1,200 fans (Samurai)
1. Death Match: Jun Kasai & Naoki Numazawa beat Yuko Miyamoto & Takashi Sasaki in 17:50 when Numazawa used the Shineway on Miyamoto.
2. Hi69 & Mazada defeated Katsumasa Inoue & Atsushi Ohashi in 10:39 when Hi69 used the Trance Rave on Ohashi.
3. Mazada & Shinjuku Shark beat NOSAWA & Naoshi Sano in 11:15 when Shark pinned Sano after Mazada used the Fisherman’s Buster. This was Shark’s return match to Japan after a learning excursion to Philadelphia where he learned at the foot of Rocky Balboa.
4. Tetsuya Naito defeated Yusaku Obata in 9:44 with the Boston Crab.
5. Tomohiko Hashimoto & Daisuke Ikeda beat Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Mammoth Sasaki in 15:05 when Ikeda used a chickenwing facelock on Kuroda. Hi69 came out after the match and challenged Ikeda to a singles match.
6. Decision Match for the vacant WEW Tag Titles: Jun Kasai & Naoki Numazawa defeated GENTARO & The W*inger in 16:02 when Kasai used the Pearl Harbor Splash on W*inger. Miyamoto & Sasaki came out after the match and challenged the champs for the first shot at their belts that was accepted.
7. WEW Heavyweight Title: Kintaro Kanemura beat Togi Makabe in 13:31 with the Death Valley Driver off a ladder to win the title. Kanemura told the fans after the match that he had dislocated his shoulder but it would’ve never stopped him from achieving this goal. Kanemura told Makabe to win the IWGP Heavyweight Title and then come back to Apache for a double title match and then told Mammoth Sasaki that he was the next challenger.

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