Indy Results from 6/6 - 6/10

ACW 6/10 – Graham Central Station in San Antonio, Texas
1. 4 Way Elimination Match: Tony Morales beat Julio Garza/Jason Gore/Shawn Vexx
2. Berry Breeze battled Problems to a no contest when Biohazard destroyed both men.
3. Biohazard defeated Angel of SIN
4. ACW Tag Titles: Kissyboots (Skylar Shelley & Rachel Summerlyn) beat Darin Childs & Daffney to retain their titles.
5. 3 Way Elimination Match: Shance Williams defeated Haniel T & Marco Riviera
6. 3 Way #1 Contenders Match for the ACW Tag Titles: Double Trouble (Chris James & Tony Vega) beat Massive & Rexx Reed and Mike Dell & Rory Fox
7. ACW Heavyweight Title: Jerry Lynn defeated Showtime Summers to win the title.

CCW 6/6 – CCW Arena in Evansville, Indiana
1. Josh Jewell beat Dr. Blue
2. CCW Lt. Heavyweight Title: JP Lightning defeated Billy Hardaway to win the title.
3. Ophidian beat Lince Dorado
4. Daizee Haze defeated Sara del Rey
5. Mike Quackenbush beat Double C
6. Mitch Ryder defeated Gypsy Joe
7. Bunkhouse Match for the CCW Heavyweight Title: Tracy Smothers beat Lonestar to retain his title.

Clover Jaycees 6/8 – Middle School in Clover, South Carolina
1. Kohl McAbee battled Frank Nash to draw.
2. The Professionals (Rowdy James & Zach Salvation) beat Team EGO (Abel Adams & Phil Shatter)
3. Ace Crusader defeated Charlie Dreamer
4. Dick Foley & Doug Hawkins beat Brad Thomas & KC Thunder
5. Bobby Eaton defeated David Flair
6. Big Ed Jones beat The Barbarian

CZW 6/9 – Bulldozer's Saloon in Smyrna, Delaware
1. Team AnDrew (Andy Sumner & Drew Gulak) beat BLKOUT (Ruckus & Sabian)
2. Tournament of Death – Quarterfinals – Fluorescent Light Tubes/Ladders/Log Cabin of Glass Death Match: Danny Havoc defeated Vortekz
3. Tournament of Death – Quarterfinals – Home Run Derby Match: Insane Lane beat Freakshow
4. Tournament of Death – Quarterfinals – Shattered Dreams Match: DJ Hyde defeated Mad Man Pondo
5. Tournament of Death – Quarterfinals – Fans Bring the Weapons & Barbed Wire Boards Match: Brain Damage beat “Mr. Insanity” Toby Klein
6. Tournament of Death – Quarterfinals – Tables/Light Tubes/Chairs Match: Drake Younger defeated Dustin Lee
7. Tournament of Death – Quarterfinals – No Ropes Barbed Wire Match: Necro Butcher beat John Zandig
8. Tournament of Death – Semifinals – Weedwhacker Death Match: Drake Younger defeated Danny Havoc & DJ Hyde
9. Tournament of Death – Semifinals – Fans Bring the Weapons & Whatever’s Left Match: Brain Damage beat Insane Lane & Necro Butcher
10. CJ O’Doyle defeated Greg Excellent
11, 3 Way Dance: Ryan McBride beat Andrew Steel & Christian Hane
12. Tournament of Death – Finals – Ultraviolent Divide & Conquer 200 Fluorescent Light Tubes Match: Drake Younger defeated Brain Damage

ICW 6/9 – Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas drawing 700 fans
1. Ryan Davidson & Aaron Neil beat Skitzo & Dusty Wolfe
2. John O’Malley defeated Big Dawg
3. Lady Venom beat Jessie Jersie
4. Doink the Clown defeated Johnny Rage
5. Norman Smiley beat Disco Inferno

JAPW 6/9 – Recreation Center in Rahway, New Jersey
1. Travis Blake beat Mo Sexton
2. Alicia defeated Sara del Ray
3. Danny Demanto beat Bandido Jr.
4. JAPW New Jersey Title: Grim Reefer defeated Archadia to retain his title.
5. Handicap Match: Samoa Joe beat B-Boy/Eddie Kingston/Diablo Santiago
6. Slyck Wagner Brown defeated Deranged
7. JAPW Tag Titles: Homicide & Hotstuff Hernandez beat Azrieal & Jay Lethal to win the titles.
8. JAPW Heavyweight Title: Low-Ki defeated AJ Styles to retain his title.

PWG 6/10 – Armory in Burbank, California drawing 300 fans
1. Bino Gambino beat Top Gun Talwar
2. TJ Perkins defeated Tony Kozina
3. Human Tornado beat Ronin
4. PWG Tag Titles: PAC & Roderick Strong defeated The Havana Pitbulls (Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero) to retain their titles.
5. Tyler Black beat Joey Ryan
6. Arrogance (Chris Bosh & Scott Lost) defeated The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)
7. 4 Way Dance for the PWG Heavyweight Title: El Generico beat American Dragon/Davey Richards/Kevin Steen to retain his title.

Top Rope 6/9 – Boys & Girls Club in Springfield, Massachusetts drawing 487 fans
1. Doink the Clown beat BK Jordan
2. Paul Lombardi/Michael Sain/Dan Strikes defeated Eric & Shane Alden & Johnny Angel
3. Shaggy & Marc Tetlow beat The Crazy Mexicans
4. Romeo Roselli & Christy Hemme defeated Gregory Edwards & Luscious Latasha
5. TRW Tag Titles: Bryce Andrews & Mike Bennett beat Brutus Beefcake & Kristian Frost to retain their titles.
6. Freightrain defeated Gino Giovanni
7. Springfield Street Fight: Abyss beat Brother Runt

2CW 6/8 – American Legion Post #80 in Binghamton, New York
1. Antonio Thomas beat Gordy Wallace
2. Loca Vida defeated JD Love
3. John Walters beat Isys Ephex
4. The Outkast Killaz (Diablo Santiago & Oman Tortuga) defeated All Money Is Legal (K-Murda & K-Pusha)
5. #1 Contender Match for the 2CW Heavyweight Title: Slyck Wagner Brown beat Zachary Springate III
6. 2CW Heavyweight Title: Dizzie defeated AJAX820 to retain his title.
7. Loser Leaves Town: Jason Axe beat Brother Runt

USWO 6/8 – Stadium Inn in Nashville, Tennessee
1. 3 Way Dance: New York Gangsta beat Damien Payne & The Saint
2. Michael Jablonski/Rob C/Justin Spade defeated TJ Harley/Jay Phoenix/Quinton Quarisma
3. Mexican Dragon beat El Luchadore
4. USWO Tag Titles: Ty Blade & LT Falk defeated J-5 & Shane Smalls to retain their titles.
5. USWO TV Title w/2 referees: Chris Michaels beat Arrick Andrews by DQ to retain his title.
6. USWO Heavyweight Title: Kid Kash defeated Tracy Smothers to retain his title.

UWF 6/8 – New Alhambra Sports & Entertainment Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania drawing 300 fans
1. Arrogance (Chris Bosh & Scott Lost) beat Team Macktion (Kirby & TJ Mack)
2. Chris Sabin defeated Joey Ryan
3. Damien Wayne & Daffney beat JD Michaels & April Hunter
4. Sabu defeated Danny Doring
5. Sonjay Dutt beat Ruckus
6. Texas Bullrope Match: Dustin Rhodes defeated Steve Corino w/Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams
7. Low-Ki beat Joey Mercury
8. Street Fight: Team 3D (Buh Buh Ray & D-Von) defeated Christopher Daniels & AJ Styles

UWF 6/9 – Fort Meade Pavilion in Fort Meade, Maryland
1. Pat Brink & Danny Doring beat Ghetto Mafia (Sydeswipe & 2 Dope)
2. Adam Flash defeated Maven
3. 3 Way Dance: BLKOUT (Ruckus & Sabian) beat Arrogance (Chris Bosh & Scott Lost) & Team Macktion (Kirby & TJ Mack)
4. Chris Sabin defeated Sonjay Dutt
5. Christopher Daniels beat Joey Ryan
6. Sabu & Team 3D (Buh Buh Ray & D-Von) defeated Steve Corino/Ricky Landell/Rick Steiner

WB 6/9 – Community Center in Graysville, Alabama
1. Joe Hogan & Anton Levigh beat Brandon Barbwire & Will Owens
2. Dan Sawyer defeated Muddbone
3. Mike Jackson beat The Royal Canadian
4. Bloodline defeated The Dog River Boys
5. WB TV Title: Dennis Condrey beat Bob Armstrong to retain his title.
6. Bullrope Match: Bull Buchanan battled McNasty to a no contest.

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