IGF 6/29 Results

6/29 – Sumo Hall in Tokyo drawing 8,426 fans (PPV)
1. Muneki Sawa beat Yuki Ishikawa in 7:06 by TKO with a soccer kick.
2. Rocky Romero defeated El Blazer in 6:09 by referee stoppage with a jujigatame.
3. Kevin Randleman beat Alexander Otsuka in 5:26 with a modified powerbomb.
4. Michiyoshi Ohara defeated Taka Kunou in 6:05 with the Tombstone Piledriver.
5. Kiyoshi Tamura & Ryuki Ueyama beat Yuki Kotake & Hidehisa Matsuda in 15:47 when Tamura used a cross kneelock on Matsuda. Tamura was asked if he wanted to continue in pro wrestling and said that if he and Inoki share a common view of pro wrestling then he will work with him. The fans didn’t respond well to this match as there was a feeling that Tamura would’ve been in a more important match.
6. Josh Barnett defeated Tadao Yasuda in 4:17 with a jujigatame. Yasuda’s coach Yoshiaki Fujiwara got in the ring and gave him a tongue lashing for losing in an unmanly manner. Barnett wants a shot now against Angle or Lesnar next.
7. Naoya Ogawa beat Mark Coleman in 6:44 by referee stoppage with a choke sleeper. Ogawa demanded a match with Kurt Angle afterwards. Ogawa came out in Shinya Hashimoto’s robe as a tribute to his fallen friend.
8. Kurt Angle defeated Brock Lesnar in 10:36 with an ankle lock. Lesnar gave Angle his IWGP Heavyweight Title belt after the match like he said he would and told Angle that he wants to face him again but this time under MMA rules to settle their score. Angle said that he wants all challengers and is definitely interested in a match against Naoya Ogawa. Angle also said that he wants to get into MMA soon because at 38-years-old, he isn’t getting any younger.

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