IGF Fallout

Kurt Angle & Josh Barnett met up with the press today and Angle said that it was an honor to work for Antonio Inoki and to win Brock Lesnar’s IWGP Heavyweight Title belt, which will compliment his TNA World Heavyweight Title nicely. Angle said that he would love to face Brock again but he wants to face either Josh Barnett or Naoya Ogawa first. Barnett said that he has come a long way since facing Yuji Nagata for the IWGP Title on 1/4/03 at the Tokyo Dome and thinks that he could take that belt off of Angle. Angle said that Josh is a great wrestler and they shook hands signifying a match could be made soon. Angle went on to say that although TNA is his home and he is their champion, he would love to continue participating in IGF events defending the IWGP belt. Barnett also said that IGF is his only home right now and would be until he takes that belt off of Angle.

Brock Lesnar talked to the press before leaving for the United States and said that he loved working the IGF show yesterday saying that it was run very professionally but regrets losing his title belt and said that when he returns to the IGF, he would get his belt back from whoever holds it. Lesnar said that it may be a while though because he is focused on MMA and told Angle to get ready because he wants their 3rd match to be under MMA rules.

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