Lucha Results from 6/12 - 6/15

EMLL 6/15 – Arena Mexico
1. Bam Bam & Mini Fantasy beat Fire & Mini Mr. Aguila
2. Hirooki Goto/Shigeo Okumura/Virus defeated Leono/Mictlan/Valiente
3. Ephesto/Olimpico/Sangre Azteca beat Mascara Purpura/Maximo/La Sombra – Sombra had to be stretchered out after missing a dive and injuring his shoulder.
4. Damian 666/Los Villanos III y V defeated Los Guerreros del Atlantida (Atlantis/Toscano/Ultimo Guerrero) after V-3 fouled UG behind the ref’s back.
5. Blue Panther/Mistico/Negro Casas beat Los Perros del Mal (Mr. Aguila/Damian el Terrible/Hector Garza) by DQ when Perrito/Halloween/Hijo del Lizmark all interfered. Ovaciones said that Mistico looked really off and needed to rest, which he is getting this week as he is off the main EMLL cards.

Independent 6/12 – Arena Queretaro
1. Eragon beat Estrella Dorada
2. Drabek II & Sindrome defeated Ozuno & Sarna
3. Espiritu Negro & Shigeo Okumura beat Principe Valiente Jr. & Ursus
4. Alex Koslov & Sagrado defeated Ephesto & Sangre Azteca – Koslov challenged Azteca for a shot at his Mexican National Welterweight Title after the match.
5. Atlantis & Olimpico beat Dr. Wagner Jr. & Heavy Metal when Atlantis ripped off Doc’s mask and pinned him.

Independent 6/14 – Auditorio Municipal de Morelia
1. ?
2. ??
3. Luna Magica & Princesa Sugei beat Sahori & Mima Shimoda
4. Steel Cage Match where the last man in loses either his hair or mask: Maximo Loco eliminated Masters who had to shave his head. Other participants: Black Mouth/Chamaco Lopez/El Consentido/Street Warrior
5. Atlantis & Super Brazo defeated Brazo de Platino & Dr. Wagner Jr. by DQ when Super faked a foule by Platino.

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