DDT 6/3 Results

6/3 – Korakuen Hall drawing 1,482 fans (Samurai)
1. Omori Festival Title: Daichi Kakimoto beat Tanomusaku Toba in 7:59 with a Dragon Suplex hold to win the title.
2. Battle Royal for the Iron Man Heavy Metal Title: Kazuhiko Ogasawara eliminated Yusuke Inokuma with a right upper kick in 9:47 to win the title. Order of Elimination: Gorgeous Matsuno/American Balloon/Kazuhiko Ogasawara/Hoshitango/Naoshi Sano/Naoki Tanisaki/Yusuke Inokuma.
3. Noise Prohibition Rules for the DDT Extreme Title: Muscle Sakai defeated NOSAWA in 7:43. The rules for this match was great, whoever got 3 points deducted first for making any noise would lose the match and NOSAWA was the first one to three because after he took a drink from his water bottle, the date on the bottle read March 25, 1997 leading to someone screaming that to NOSAWA, he vented his frustrations causing him to lose. The ironic thing about that date was that was the day that DDT was founded. Points were deducted for sneezing & coughing after smelling tobacco and that’s awesome.
4. Jiyugaoka Six-Man Street Fight Title: Durian Sawada JULIE/Mango Fukuda/Peach Owashi beat Antonio the Dragon/King Ala Moana/Prince Togo in 12:43 when Owashi used the Nectar Bomb on Honda to win the titles.
5. 4 Way Dance for the KO-D Tag Titles: Tomomitsu Matsunaga & Michael Nakazawa defeated Kota Iibushi & KUDO/MIKAMI & Sanshiro Takagi/Seiya Morohashi & Masahiro Takahashi in 13:03 when Nakazawa used the I Cannot Michael on Takagi to retain their titles. Manabu Hara & Katsumi Usuda also got involved in the match jumping everyone.
6. GAY World Anal Title: MEN’s Teioh beat Danshoku Dino in 12:05 with the Sexual Ecstasy to win the title. Teioh said that he wanted the match erased from his records after the match due to embarassment.
7. KO-D Openweight Title: KOO defeated HARASHIMA in 21:26 with the Hawaiian Splash Mountain to win the title.

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