All-Japan 3/30 Results

3/30 – Korakuen Hall drawing 2,100 fans (GAORA)
1. Rosey/Kohei Suwama/TARU beat Akira Raijin/Kiyonari Sanada/T28 in 2:48 when TARU pinned T28 after a diving body press by Rosey.
2. Champion Carnival – Block A: Kensuke Sasaki [5] defeated Touru Owashi [0] in 5:57 with a lariat.
3. Champion Carnival – Block A: Keiji Muto [6] beat Taiyo Kea [4] in 19:21 with the Shining Wizard. Kea said after the match that he would be back next year and would win the CC for the 2nd time.
4. Champion Carnival – Block B: Yoshihiro Tajiri [4] defeated Minoru Suzuki [3] by countout in 4:17 after being sprayed by mist for the 2nd time by Tajiri. Tajiri picked up the Triple Crown belts and ran with them to the back but was met by Masa Fuchi who demanded the belts be given to him. Tajiri told Fuchi that he beat Suzuki and would keep the belts until Suzuki gave him a shot at the TC but Fuchi told him that it wasn’t that easy. Tajiri then told Fuchi that he wants Suzuki to wake up and give him a shot and this would be the way to do it but Fuchi once again told him it wouldn’t be easy and demanded the belts be given to him. Tajiri relented and gave the belts to Fuchi but wants his name to be on the top of the list for a shot at the TC.
5. Champion Carnival – Block B: Toshiaki Kawada [5] beat Satoshi Kojima [4] in 15:24 with a jujigatame. Kojima said after the match that it’s back to 2002 again with Kawada & Muto being in the finals and he must go back to the drawing board to figure out a way to turn the clock to the present for him.
6. Miguel Hayashi Jr./NOSAWA Mendoza/Pepe Michinoku defeated Nobutaka Araya/Masa Fuchi/Nobukazu Hirai in 13:04 when Hayashi used an inside cradle on Araya. After turning on Araya almost the whole tour, Los Amigos took Araya into their fold and really invited him to join their group that he accepted.
7. Brother YASSHI & Shuji Kondo beat Ryuji Hijikata & Katsuhiko Nakajima in 11:36 when YASSHI used a schoolboy on Nakajima. YASSHI told Nakajima that he lost to him in front of everyone now and he must defend his AJPW World Jr. Heavyweight Title against him but Hijikata stepped up and told YASSHI that he would have to go through him first because he has the next shot.
8. Champion Carnival – Finals: Keiji Muto defeated Toshiaki Kawada in 22:28 with a moonsault press. Muto said that it was great to wrestle Kawada again and that winning the CC this year was even better because the competition was better and younger.

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