Luchadores Speak Out About Santo

Some luchadores spoke out today about the Paco Alonso/Hijo del Santo situation that I posted about yesterday and some interesting stuff here.

Atlantis: “This will be a problem for Hijo del Santo because if this ban sticks then the competition level for him would suffer.”

Blue Demon Jr.: “I seem to think that this could be more than just a business problem but a personal problem considering Santo’s stance on bringing in his nephew Axel and hopefully for business’ sake it will be resolved soon.”

Canek: “I believe that Hijo del Santo is a great wrestler and can find work anywhere for any promoter that wants to meet his price.”

Villano III: “Promoters should allow wrestlers to work where they want to work regardless of who is on a card if it is an independently run promotion and not against any card with an interest by EMLL.”

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