New Japan 3/18 Results

3/18 – Amagasaki Memorial Park Gym drawing 5,000 fans (Samurai)
1. El Samurai & Ryusuke Taguchi beat Hijo del Texano & Yujiro Takahashi in 12:37 when Taguchi used a jujigatame on Texano. Yujiro accepted Samurai’s invitation to train with him & Taguchi so they can learn what they need to become champions.
2. Gedo/Jado/Minoru Tanaka defeated Wataru Inoue/Koji Kanemoto/Tetsuya Naito in 14:20 when Tanaka used a flying cross knee scissors on Naito.
3. Takashi Iizuka & Riki Choshu beat Shiro Koshinaka & Toru Yano in 7:15 when Choshu used a lariat on Yano.
4. Masahiro Chono/Jushin Thunder Liger/Milano Collection AT defeated Brother YASSHI/Shuji Kondo/TARU in 10:56 when Chono used the Shining Yakuza Kick on YASSHI.
5. Manabu Nakanishi & Hiroshi Tanahashi beat Black Strong Machine & Travis Tomko in 11:45 when Tanahashi used the Sling Blade on Machine.
6. NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Title: Tiger Mask IV defeated Negro Casas in 14:05 with a la magistral to retain his title. TM IV announced after the match that he would be working the TNA show on 5/4 and would make defenses of his title in the United States.
7. New Japan Cup – Semifinals: Togi Makabe beat Hiroyoshi Tenzan by DQ in 12:27 when Tenzan wouldn’t quit choking him with a chain and assaulted the referee. They kept brawling after the match until the rest of GBH had to come out and break them up so cooler heads could prevail.
8. New Japan Cup – Semifinals: Yuji Nagata defeated Giant Bernard in 18:22 with a jujigatame. Makabe promised Nagata after the match that the NJC Finals would be dyed in his blood.

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