RIP Angel Azteca

EMLL confirmed what Super Luchas reported earlier today that Angel Azteca died late last night after a show in Campeche at 43-years-old. Word was that he completed his match fine and signed autographs after the match before leaving the arena and it was after he left, he had a cardiac arrest and died. Angel Azteca the gimmick was borne in 1988 and had a pretty successful career in the early 90’s where he won the NWA Middleweight & Mexican National Welterweight Titles plus Mexican National Tag Titles with Atlantis, and Mexican National Trios Titles with Hijo del Santo & Super Muneco. Azteca would leave EMLL in the mass exodus in 1992 and would join AAA working as Azteca and Charro de Jalisco. Azteca bounced around for a while before returning to EMLL where he would eventually lose his mask to Arkangel de la Muerte in 2003 before working for a little longer until he became a referee. Azteca would soon leave that job and worked indy shows for the last year up until last night.

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