Heavy Metal Speaks Candidly About Many Subjects

Heavy Metal gave an interview today where he talked about being grateful to EMLL for changing his life and turning him away from the style of life he was leading before going back home. Heavy said that he has opened up a chain of stores selling rock clothing and music geared towards the youth and they are doing really well. Heavy said that he wants to open up a dance studio soon saying that he wants to teach kids how to dance different styles and just give back to the fans. Heavy then went on to talk about his brothers Felino & Negro Casas saying that going back to EMLL and working with them regularly has stabilized him and has matured him both in and out of the ring because they are his big brothers and kept him in line. Heavy said that each one of them are different in their own way but they are still the sons of Pepe Casas and will always have that bond. Heavy went on to talk about how he once was very lazy in the ring but over the past couple of years working for EMLL has raised his game up where he not only gives 100% but 150% every night no matter if it’s a televised show or not. Heavy then talked about title belts saying that they are great to have as a measurement of where you are at but it isn’t the only thing on his mind right now. Heavy closed by saying that he plans on staying single until he retires because he really doesn’t want to have a wife while maintaining a work schedule but knows that there will be a day that he does tie the knot.

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