Indy Results From Around The World From 3/22 - 3/25

UWA 3/23 – St. John’s Hall in Mississauga, Ontario
1. Chris Sabin beat Asylum
2. Matt Bison & Rip Impact defeated The North Star Express (Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz)
3. 3 Way Dance: Josh Abercrombie beat Arik Cannon & Delirious
4. Up In Smoke (Cheech & Cloudy) defeated The Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos)
5. Derek Wylde beat Phil Atlas
6. UWA Grand Prix Title: Sonjay Dutt defeated Chris Bishop by DQ to retain his title. Bishop stole the title after the match.
7. UWA Lightweight Title: Lionel Knight beat Alex Shelley to win the title. Shelley demanded an immediate rematch afterwards.
7a. UWA Lightweight Title: Lionel Knight defeated Alex Shelley to retain his title.
8. UWA Canadian Title: Josh Prohibition beat Dan Paysan to retain his title.

PWA 3/24 – Festhalle in Kutenholz, Germany drawing 500 fans
1. EWA Intercontinental Title: Eric Schwarz beat Murat Bosporus to retain his title.
2. ICWA Women’s Title: Roxi defeated Blue Nikita to retain her title.
3. ASW British Heavyweight Title: James Mason beat Chris the Bambikiller to retain his title.
4. Karsten Kretschmer defeated Aykut Artan
5. PWA Jr. Heavyweight Title: Absolute Andy beat Holger Schossig to win the title.
6. PWA Heavyweight Title: Cannonball Grizzly defeated The Honky Tonk Man to retain his title.

RoE 3/24 - Stadthalle in Fürstenfeld, Austria drawing 220 fans
1. Are$ loses, he leaves RoE: Are$ beat Tyler Black
2. Kardinal Karol II defeated Wesna Busic
3. 4 Way Dance for a shot at the KoE Title: Bad Bones beat Darren Burridge/Steven Keyn/Emil Sitoci
4. PAC defeated M-Dogg 20
5. Damon Brix/Razor Blade/Robert Ray beat Men At Work (Mike Banschitz/Marc Roudin/Swiss Tank)
6. Ladder Match for a shot at the KoE Title: Michael Kovac defeated Steve Douglas
7. Joe E. Legend beat Jonny Storm

RoE 3/25 – Sporthalle in Krems, Austria drawing 300 fans
1. Wachauer Trophy Tournament – Semifinals: Tyler Black beat Steve Douglas
2. Wachauer Trophy Tournament – Semifinals: M-Dogg 20 defeated PAC
3. Wesna Busic beat Steven Keyn
4. Elimination Match: Steve Douglas/Joe E. Legend/Marc Roudin/Swiss Tank defeated Martin Brix/Lexxus/Robert Ray/Razor Blade – Order of Elimination: Swiss Tank/Razor Blade/Martin Brix/Marc Roudin/Lexxus/Robert Ray.
5. Kardinal Karol II beat Darren Burridge
6. Wachauer Trophy Tournament – Finals: M-Dogg 20 defeated Tyler Black
7. 4 Way Elimination Match for the KoE Title: Jonny Storm beat Are$/Bad Bones/Michael Kovac – Order of Elimination: Are$/Michael Kovac/Bad Bones.

ACW 3/22 – Graham’s Central Station in San Antonio, Texas
1. Berry beat Dusty Wolfe
2. Death Match: Hugh Rogue battled Chuey Martinez to a no contest.
3. #1 Contender Match for the ACW Heavyweight Title: Rexx Reed defeated The White Bull
4. Rachel Summerlyn beat Jacob Ladder
5. Biohazard defeated Jimmy Jacobs
6. ACW Hardcore Title: Darin Childs beat Ricky Rhodes to retain his title.
7. ACW Heavyweight Title: Showtime Summers defeated Mitch Ryder to retain his title.

AWA Washington 3/23 – Elk’s Lodge in Tacoma, Washington drawing 215 fans
1. 4 Way Dance: Larkin O’Shea beat Kevin Cook/Jack Evans/Kyle O’Reilly
2. Nikki defeated Veronika
3. 3 Way Dance: Mask-Air-Raid beat Blitzkrieg II & El Phantasmo
4. AWA Washington Heavyweight Title: Laramie Lexow defeated Mike Santiago to retain his title.
5. AWA Washington Tag Titles: Tony Kozina & Davey Richards beat Bolo & Twist to win the titles.
6. Colt Cabana/Damon James/JD Mason defeated Seth Knight/Memphis Raines/Chris Ryseck

AWA Washington 3/24 – Vision Quest Sport and Fitness in Auburn, Washington drawing 125 fans
1. Larkin O’Shea and a fan beat Kevin Cook & Mike Santiago
2. The Blue Chippers (Damon James & JD Mason) defeated Greatness on Demand (Disco Fury & Michelle Starr) by DQ.
3. Bolo beat Christopher Ryseck
4. AWA Washington Heavyweight Title: Laramie Lexow defeated Colt Cabana to retain his title.
5. Kyle O’Reilly/El Phantasmo/Twist beat Blitzkrieg II/Jack Evans/Mask-Air-Raid

GWP 3/23 – American Legion in Ellijay, Georgia
1. 3 Way Dance: Kyle Matthews beat Tim Possible & Tony Santarelli
2. JeffCo Blue/Billy Hill/ Tyler Smith defeated Caleb Konley/Monster Maul/Andrew Pendleton III
3. Billy Love & Nemesis beat Jay Clinton & Lamar Phillips
4. Mike Taylor defeated Andrew Alexander by DQ.
5. High Impact (Tony Santarelli & Mike Taylor) beat The Hollywood Brunettes (Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews)
6. Ace Rockwell & Adam Jacobs defeated The Devil’s Rejects (Iceberg Slim & Tank)
7. Last Man Standing for the Southern Heavyweight Title: Shaun Tempers beat Adrian Hawkins to retain his title.

IWC 3/23 – Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania drawing 401 fans
1. Jason Cage beat Nobutaka Moribe
2. Cleveland Mafia (J-Rocc & Raymond Rowe) defeated The Hollywood Balds (Jimmy DeMarco & Vendetta)
3. Super Indy VI Qualifying Match: HENTAI beat Jason Gory
4. Super Indy VI Qualifying Match: Shiima Xion defeated Jimmy Jacobs
5. IWC Super Indy Title: Troy Lords beat John McChesney to retain his title.
6. IWC Tag Titles: Marshall & Mickey Gambino defeated Babyface Fire (Jason Gory & Shiima Xion) to win the titles.
7. Dean Radford beat Michael Facade
8. Sterling James Keenan defeated Dennis Gregory
9. IWC Heavyweight Title: Ricky Reyes beat Homicide to retain his title.

IWC 3/24 – Franklin Area High School in Franklin, Pennsylvania (Night of Legends) drawing 1,313 fans
1. Antonio Thomas beat Vendetta
2. Troy Lords defeated Nobutaka Moribe
3. The Patriot beat King Kaluha
4. Dennis Gregory defeated HENTAI
5. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart beat Salvatore Sincere
6. The Hollywood Balds (Jimmy DeMarco & Vendetta) defeated Michael Façade & Dean Radford
7. Dominic DeNucci (w/Bruno Sammartino) beat Larry Zbyszko (w/Lord Zoltan)
8. 4 Way Dance for the IWC Tag Titles: Marshall & Mickey Gambino defeated Babyface Fire (Jason Gory & Shiima Xion)/The Cleveland Mafia (J-Rocc & Raymond Rowe)/Sexual Harassment (Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol)
9. IWC Heavyweight Title: Ricky Reyes beat Larry Sweeney to retain his title.
10. Sterling James Keenan defeated John McChesney
11. Abyss beat AJ Styles
12. Tito Santana (w/Ivan Putski) defeated Greg “The Hammer” Valentine

MAXW 3/24 – Fusion Warehouse in Anderson, South Carolina
1. Salvatore Rinauro beat Adrian Hawkins
2. Chris Blade fought Randall Johnson to a draw.
3. MAXW Hardcore Title: Aaron Lee defeated Matt Sells to win the title.
4. Battle Royal won by Abomination
5. Sly Storm beat Joshua Charles
6. Chad Parham defeated Caesar Chavez
7. Brodie Ray Chase & Cruizer Lewis beat Austin Creed & Don Matthews
8. Jeremy Vain defeated Slim J
9. Urban Assault Squad (Nemesis & Shadow Jackson) beat The Devil’s Rejects (Tank & Shaun Tempers)

NWA Midwest 3/24 – Park District Recreation Center in Streamwood, Illinois
1. Dustin Lillard beat Scotty Murray
2. Esteban Molina defeated Ricky Thomas
3. NWA World Women’s Title vs. NWA Midwest Women’s Title: MsChif beat Josie to become double champ.
4. Dash & Tweek Phoenix defeated Team Underground (Chandler McClure & Eric Priest)
5. NWA Midwest Heavyweight Title Tournament: Michael Strider beat Karl Anderson
6. NWA Midwest Heavyweight Title Tournament: Jay Ryan defeated The Mississippi Mad Man
7. NWA Midwest X Division Title: Jason Dukes beat Jay Lethal to retain his title.
8. Chris Harris defeated James Storm
9. NWA Midwest Tag Titles: Blacklisted (Marco Cordova & Jayson Reign) beat Extreme Dream Team (Corporal Robinson & Hardcore Craig) to retain their titles.

PWG 3/24 – Armory in Van Nuys, California drawing 325 fans
1. Joey Ryan beat TJ Perkins
2. Alex Shelley defeated Rocky Romero
3. Kevin Steen beat Ronin by DQ.
4. Scorpio Sky defeated Top Gun Talwar
5. Scott Lost beat Chris Sabin
6. Davey Richards defeated Shingo Takagi
7. Human Tornado beat Disco Machine
8. PWG Heavyweight Title: El Generico defeated Christopher Daniels to retain his title.

RCW 3/25 – LowLow Car Show @ Camargo Park in San Antonio, Texas
1. Mike Dell beat Don Juan by DQ.
2. Quinten Allen defeated Aguila Negro
3. Rory Fox beat Chris Marvel
4. The Hardbodies (Andy Dalton & Joey Spector) defeated Franco D’Angelo & Rudy Russo to retain their titles.
5. 3 Way Dance for the RCW Heavyweight Title: Masada beat Mike Foxx & Ikaika to retain his title.

XCW 3/23 – XCW Arena in Denton, Texas
1. Larry Canyunga beat Miguel Rodriguez Gonzales de la Cruz
2. Dave the Rave defeated Hugh Rogue by countout.
3. IPC (D-Skrilla & Scott McKenzie) beat Action Jackson & Sidd Murder
4. Mitch Ryder defeated Doink the Clown
5. JT LaMotta/Masada/Necro Butcher beat Al Jackson/Jack Drastic/Sedderick of Harlem

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