Big news out of Mexico is that EMLL President Paco Alonso has decided that he won’t work with Hijo del Santo anymore and has banned EMLL contracted wrestlers from working on any show that Hijo del Santo is on like the old Konnan rule. The reason for this is because supposedly Santo is aligning with some promoters in Monterrey who are planning to run around the country as a national group and Paco views this as competition. Paco doesn’t want his guys aligning with people who he considers enemies but what this is coming down to as far as the wrestlers go is who would they rather work a card with, Santo or Mistico. Mistico is the #1 draw in EMLL obviously but Santo is the #1 draw period in Mexico and with wrestlers being all about the cash, would some of the guys in EMLL consider working a show with Santo or Mistico in the same city for the extra money. In fact, Loco Max was read the riot act the other day by high ranking officials in EMLL because he worked a show that Santo was headlining. Jesus Alvarado (Brazo de Oro) is the head of the wrestlers union and also a key official in EMLL so if something like this happened where the wrestlers would be squeezed, how would he handle the situation considering his job with EMLL.

A little backstory to this is that Santo has been quite critical of EMLL lately regarding their booking of Mistico and the talk of bringing in his nephew Axel, who he has a lot of problems with. Santo said the main reason though behind not working for EMLL lately is the money issue and that they think that he isn’t worth what he wants to be paid to work Arena Mexico shows. Santo said that they started offering him less money even though whenever he works Arena Mexico, the attendance goes up and it doesn’t make sense to him. Santo has said recently that he wanted EMLL to quit having a tournament for the Leyenda de Plata since he owns the image and won’t give them permission to use it and make money off his family’s name. Santo said that he would never work for just one promoter as he is an independent contractor and that it’s the way that he wants because he can dictate whatever he wants to. Santo said that EMLL isn’t the only game in town and Arena Mexico isn’t the only place to watch lucha libre and that he wants the fans to go to local shows and experience different styles of lucha libre. This is a developing story and more on it when more info is released.

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