Hijo del Santo Does Radio Interview In Tabasco

Hijo del Santo did a radio interview for ABC Radio in Tabasco yesterday and talked about various subjects for about 40 minutes including his paintings and his wrestling career although his current situation with Paco Alonso wasn’t brought up. Something that was brought up though was the surge in popularity of Mistico and who he thought could the heir to his throne of the greatest wrestler in Mexico and Santo said that he doesn’t even consider himself worthy to even have that title. He said that he is only the worthy heir of his father’s name and that he has done some good things in the business over the last 25 years and that he tells it like it is hoping the fans will understand him but there is no one that can touch him in that regard. He mentioned Mistico, Octagon, Super Muneco, Vampiro, & others over the years was touted by the press and some promoters as people that would pass him by but he is still on top of his game and some of those guys can’t say the same. Santo went on to say that he is very fortunate to have a stable career along with the adoration by the fans and he isn’t envious of any other wrestler but he knows that one day there will be someone that overtake him as the biggest name in Mexico and welcomes that challenge. Santo was then asked about how much longer he thought he could still wrestle and he gave himself 15 more years if his body can hold on that long.

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