All-Japan 7/1 Results

7/1 – Yokohama Bunka Gym drawing 4,800 fans (GAORA)
1. Kikutaro beat Brother YASSHI in 6:31 with a schoolboy.
2. Joe Doering & “Hawaiian Lion” John Williams defeated Nobutaka Araya & Nobukazu Hirai in 11:17 when Doering used a lariat on Araya.
3. Los Mexican Amigos (Miguel Hayashi Jr./NOSAWA Mendoza/Pepe Michinoku) beat Phil Atlas/Dick Togo/Mazada in 13:18 when NOSAWA used a modified la magistral on Atlas. Mazada told Los Amigos after the match that not only would YAMADA be coming back to All-Japan but TANAKA would be joining him.
4. AKIRA & Ryuji Hijikata defeated Katsuhiko Nakajima & T28 in 10:14 when AKIRA used the Musasabi Press on T28.
5. AJPW Jr. League – Finals: Chris Sabin beat Shuji Kondo in 15:45 with the Cradle Shock. Sabin said that he came to defend the honor of the X Division of TNA and he did that now he wants a shot at Nakajima’s AJPW World Jr. Heavyweight Title.
6. Taiyo Kea/Kiyonari Sanada/Kensuke Sasaki battled Satoshi Kojima/Kohei Suwama/TARU to a double countout in 6:11.
6a. Satoshi Kojima/Kohei Suwama/TARU beat Taiyo Kea/Kiyonari Sanada/Kensuke Sasaki in 8:51 when Kojima used a lariat on Sanada. Kojima was back in his T2000 circa look with the nosestrip but in VM colors. TARU announced after the match that Suwama would be coming to the United States and would be working TNA this week where he will imprint the name of Voodoo Murders there.
7. Triple Crown: Minoru Suzuki defeated Keiji Muto in 26:54 with a heel hold to retain his title. Suzuki said after the match that Muto is washed up and he is ready for some new challengers for his title and would celebrate his victory by drinking a lot of alcohol. Suzuki was asked why he dyed his hair back to blonde again and said that he felt like he did back in his Pancrase days.

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