Big Japan 7/8 Results

7/8 – Yokohama Bunka Gym drawing 4,000 fans (Samurai)
1. Fantastik & Toshihiro Sueyoshi beat Atsushi Ohashi & The W*inger in 9:35 when Fantastik used the Michinoku Driver II on Ohashi.
2. Daikokubo Benkei & GENTARO defeated Kazu Imai & Yuichi Taniguchi in 13:44 when Benkei used a running splash on Imai.
3. Hiroyuki Kondo & Onryo beat MEN’s Teioh & Shinobu in 15:14 when Onryo used a frankensteiner on Shinobu. Teioh told Shinobu after the match that he has done all he can do in Big Japan and that he needed to move on which prompted Shinobu to get on his knees and beg Teioh for another chance. Shinobu begged to become a member of MEN’s Club and said that he would prove himself by putting his hair on the line in a match but Teioh brushed him off. This continued in the locker room with more begging to no avail.
4. Kintaro Kanemura/Tetsuhiro Kuroda/Shadow WX defeated Hi69/Masada/Yusaku Obata in 18:46 when Kanemura used the Blast Yama Special on Obata.
5. Scaffold Death Match: Jun Kasai & Naoki Numazawa beat Abdullah Kobayashi & Yuko Miyamoto in 17:07 when Kasai used a backslide on Miyamoto. Miyamoto will now have to go to a 7 Match Death Match series starting this month and Numazawa would be his first opponent, so Numazawa gave him the Death Valley Driver after the match as a warning.
6. BJPW Tag Titles: Yoshito Sasaki & Daisuke Sekimoto defeated Katsumasa Inoue & Mammoth Sasaki in 21:53 when Sekimoto used a German Suplex hold on Inoue to retain their titles.
7. 300 Fluorescent Light Tubes Death Match for the BJPW Death Match Title: Takashi Sasaki beat Ryuji Ito in 22:24 with a light-tube assisted modified D-Geist to retain his title. Both men got a standing ovation after the match and both men put over the company huge with Ito telling Sasaki to hold on to that belt for when he gets back in the title picture. Reports on this were that this may have been the best match in the company in 7 years.

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