Dragon Gate WRESTLEJAM 7/19 Results

7/19 – Korakuen Hall
1. Black Thunder/Gamma/Turbo Muscle beat Lupin Matsu-Turbo/Turbo-NESS/Turboyan in 11:46 when when Muscle used a diving body press on Lupin. Turboman’s injury from yesterday is going to force him to miss the rest of the tour.
2. Kenichiro Arai/Taku Iwasa/Jorge Rivera defeated Yasushi Kanda/Masaaki Mochizuki/Super Shisa in 12:51 when Iwasa used the Noshigami on Shisa.
3. PAC & Ryo Saito beat Delirious & Super Shenron in 13:41 when PAC used a corkscrew Shooting Star Press on Shenron.
4. SHINGO defeated Austin Aries in 16:46 with the Last Falconry.
5. Elimination Match for the JAM CUP & $10,000: Matt Sydal used the Sydal Special on Naruki Doi to win the cup and money. Order of Elimination: Cyber Gang/Jack Evans/Jimmy Rave/Susumu Yokosuka/Cyber Kong/CIMA/El Generico/Masato Yoshino/Dragon Kid/SHINGO/Naruki Doi

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