ZERO-ONE 7/16 Results

7/16 – Korakuen Hall drawing 1,400 fans (Samurai)
1. GENTARO & Kohei Sato beat Kamikaze & Shota Takanishi in 9:01 when Sato used a German Suplex hold on Takanishi.
2. Ikuto Hidaka/Naoki Tanisaki/THE*ZEST defeated Minoru Fujita/Osamu Namiguchi/Takuya Sugawara in 13:06 when Hidaka used a cross-style Iiguchi Bomb on Namiguchi.
3. Fire Festival – Block A: Kazunari Murakami [1] battled Shinjiro Otani [1] to a double countout in 14:22. Otani called out Murakami after the match telling him to win all of his matches so they could meet in a rematch in the finals.
4. Fire Festival – Block B: Yoshito Sasaki [2] beat Takao Omori [0] in 5:40 with a lariat.
5. Fire Festival – Block A: Yutaka Yoshie [2] defeated Ryouji Sai [0] in 14:29 with the Flying Sausage. Yoshie said that he was carrying the name of MUGA on his back in this tourney and he must win it all.
6. Fire Festival – Block B: Daisuke Sekimoto [1] battled Masato Tanaka [1] to a 30:00 draw. The fans applauded both men after the match.

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