Lucha Results from 7/16 & 7/18

AAA 7/16 – Domo de la Feria de Leon (TV Taping)
1. #1 Contender Match for the Mexican National Minis Title: Mini Histeria beat Mascarita Divina – This was supposed to be for the title but Mascarita Sagrada no-showed furthering those EMLL rumors.
2. Mexican Power (Crazy Boy/Extreme Tiger/Joe Lider) defeated Los Guapos VIP (Alan Stone/Scorpio Jr./Zumbido) – La Legion attacked MexPower after the match.
3. Fuerza Guerrera/Sangre Chicana/Sangre Chicana Jr. beat Juventud Guerrera/Laredo Kid/Octagon when Fuerza fouled Octagon behind the ref’s back.
4. Abismo Negro/El Mesias/Kenzo Suzuki defeated Alebrije/Charly Manson/La Parka Jr. – They ran an injury angle here with Parka getting stretchered out after a piledriver by Kenzo. Parka still needs time off to rest his shoulder.
5. Ron “The Truth” Killings/Sabu/Sean Waltman beat Chessman/Cibernetico/Zorro – The tecnicos were bloodied and Cibernetico vowed revenge.

Promociones Oceanic 7/18 – Cancha German Evers de Mazatlan
1. Camaleon de Oro & Lobo del Aire beat Tiger Boy & ?
2. Alan (Barrio Boy not Stone) & Jordy Stone defeated Kempo Dragon & Relampago
3. Ladder Match: Crazy Boy & Joe Lider beat Apocalipsis & Shiryu Dragon
4. Bull Terrier Match: Billy Boy defeated Gran Apache
5. Los Hell Brothers (Charly Manson/Chessman/Cibernetico) beat Cuervo/Ozz/Kenzo Suzuki

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