Minoru Suzuki Preaches A Little

Triple Crown Champ Minoru Suzuki gave an interview today at the P’s Lab in Yokohama back with his black hair and said that he is through defending the TC against All-Japan guys because they are losers and specifically called Keiji Muto an “errand boy.” Suzuki said that he talked to TNA X Division Champ Chris Sabin yesterday and basically begged him to find some challengers for his title in the United States and that he would definitely come over there to defend the title if necessary. Suzuki said that he would consider anybody and mentioned names such as Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and even Mil Mascaras. Suzuki did say though that he would defend his title on 7/29 at Ishikawa Prefectural Industrial Pavilion if Hiroshi Hase would step out of retirement because he has some unfinished business with him going back to their New Japan days in the late 80’s and would love to beat up on a “washed up politician.” Suzuki said that he knows that this is a charity show for earthquake relief and that his name alone would sell way more tickets than Muto or Hase’s.

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