NOSAWA Genome 7/6 Results

7/6 – Shin-kiba 1st Ring drawing 350 fans (Samurai)
1. 3 Way Dance for the vacant NGF Heavyweight Title: Kiku Angle beat Josh Kintaro (Kanemura) & Muscle Lesnar (Sakai) in 8:52 when Kiku pinned Muscle after a botched Verdict to win the title. All three men reconciled after the match and did the TNR dance in the ring. Kiku said that he was the true IWGP Heavyweight Champ now and wants a match against Yuji Nagata.
2. Ryuji Hijikata batted Yuta Yoshikawa to a no contest in 8:11 when VM interfered.
3. Brother YASSHI/Shuji Kondo/TARU defeated Crusher Bam Bam Hirai/Nise Great KAZUSHI/Nise Great MUTA in 1:32 when TARU used the TARU Driller on Hirai.
4. Joe Doering & T28 beat Phil Atlas & Kiyonari Sanada in 9:38 when Doering used a spinebuster on Sanada.
5. Devil Masami defeated Killer Kiku in 6:14 with an armlock.
6. Bellwood 2007 (Minoru Suzuki) & Rey High Mountain (Yoshihiro Takayama) beat Johnny Dunn (Araya) & Touru Owashi in 16:26 when both men used la magistrals on their opponents to win. The luchadores wouldn’t give interviews after the match because they couldn’t speak Japanese but their interpreter told the press that they would love to work for NOSAWA again.
7. CAW Central America Tag Titles: Kazuhiko Mazada & Katsushi Takemura defeated Miguel Hayashi Jr. & NOSAWA Mendoza in 22:03 when Takemura used the M9 on NOSAWA to retain their titles.

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