Indy Results from 7/6 - 7/8

ICWA/Japan Expo 7/8 – Paris Nord Villepinte in Paris, France drawing 1,500 fans
1. 3 Way Dance: Doug Williams beat Bad Bones & Yoshinori Ota
2. RAY & Mariko Yoshida defeated Hiroyo Matsumoto & Tomoka Nakagawa
3. Takeshi Rikio beat Joe E. Legend
4. Dragon Kid defeated CIMA

wXw 7/7 – Musikpalette in Essen, Germany drawing 179 fans
1. Wesley Croton beat Martijin Boz
2. El Generico defeated Tommy End
3. Steve Douglas beat Wesley Croton
4. Lazio Fe & Adam Polak defeated Baca Loco & Marc Slater
5. Emil Sitoci beat CIMA
6. Takeshi Rikio defeated Big van Walter
7. wXw Lightweight Title: Dragon Kid beat PAC to win the title.
8. wXw Heavyweight Title: Are$ defeated Bad Bones to retain his title.

IwW 7/6 – The Forum in Waterford City, Ireland drawing 350 fans
1. 3 Way Dance for the IwW Zero Gravity Title: Bingo Balance beat Bam Katraz & PAC to win the title.
2. Mad Man Manson defeated Yoshinori Ota
3. The Ballymun Buster beat Doug Williams
4. Red Vinny defeated Dragon Kid
5. 3 Way Dance: Kid Kash beat Mandrake & Takeshi Rikio
6. IwW International Title: Vic Viper defeated CIMA to retain his title.

ACW 7/8 – The Venue in San Antonio, Texas
1. 6 Way Elimination Match: Gregory Symonds beat Tony Morales – Order of Elimination: Ricky Rhodes/Julio Garza/Shawn Vexx/Shance Williams/Tony Morales
2. Rory Fox defeated Dusty Wolfe
3. Double Trouble (Chris James & Tony Vega) beat Two Young Punks (Berry Breeze & Problems)
4. 4 Way Elimination Match for the ACW Hardcore Title: Skylar Skelley defeated Rexx Reed to retain the title. Order of Elimination: Chuey Martinez/Rachel Summerlyn/Rexx Reed
5. 3 Way Elimination Match: Massive beat Angel of SIN & Biohazard
6. 4 Way Elimination Match for the IWA Texas Heavyweight Title: Jerry Lynn defeated Mike Dell to retain his title. Order of Elimination: Darin Childs/Showtime Summers/Mike Dell

GWP 7/8 – Waleska Ballpark in Canton, Georgia drawing 100 fans
1. Leatherface beat Locomotive
2. Crash & Burn (Jason Hampton & JT Tallent) defeated Chris Lightning & DL Norris
3. Falls Count Anywhere: The Hillbillies from Hell (JessCO Blue & Timbo Bryant) beat Sex & Money Limited (Caleb Konley & Andrew Pendleton III)
4. Kory Chavis defeated Adrian Hawkins
5. Dog Collar Match: Big Head Hanson beat Monster Maul
6. Demolition Ax defeated Iceberg Slim by DQ when Reverand Dan Wilson interfered.
7. Steel Cage Match for the GWP Tag Titles: The Hollywood Brunettes (Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews) beat The Regular Guys (Billy Hill & Tyler Smith) to win the titles.
8. Steel Cage Match for the Southern Heavyweight Title: Slim J defeated Shaun Tempers to win the title.

IWA Deep South 7/7 – National Guard Armory in Sylacauga, Alabama drawing 85 fans
1. 4 Way Elimination Match: Chrisjen Hayme beat Patrick Bentley/Salvatore Rinauro/Jarrett Tyler
2. Chuck Taylor defeated Kory Chavis
3. Mickie Knuckles beat Daffney
4. Ricochet defeated Iceberg Slim
5. Respect Match: Cabana Man Dan beat Insane Lane
6. Mitch Ryder defeated Brad Armstrong with a chain.
7. IWADS Heavyweight Title: Mike Quackenbush beat Jimmy Rave to retain his title.
8. Falls Count Anywhere Match: Freak Show defeated Drake Younger

IWC 7/7 – Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania
1. Babyface Fire (Jason Gory & Shiima Xion) beat Ernie Osiris & Alex Payne
2. Azrieal defeated Troy Lords
3. John Bolen beat Chris Hero
4. #1 Contenders Match for the IWC Tag Titles: The Hollywood Balds (Jimmy Demarco & Vendetta) defeated Sexual Harassment (Eric Xtasy & Justin Idol)
5. IWC Tag Titles: Marshall & Mickey Gambino beat Michael Façade & Johnny Gargano to win the titles.
6. IWC Heavyweight Title: Dennis Gregory defeated Ricky Reyes to retain his title.
7. IWC Super Indy Title: John McChesney beat Larry Sweeney to win the title.
8. Samoa Joe defeated Raymond Rowe

MCW 7/8 – MCW Arena in Dundalk, Maryland drawing 800 fans
1. Shane Shamrock Cup Tournament: Christopher Daniels beat Jay Lethal
2. Shane Shamrock Cup Tournament: Josh Daniels defeated Derek Frazier
3. Shane Shamrock Cup Tournament: Delirious beat Christian York
4. Shane Shamrock Cup Tournament: Human Tornado defeated Azrieal
5. Shane Shamrock Cup Tournament: Sonjay Dutt beat Eddie Edwards
6. MCW Heavyweight Title: Joey Matthews defeated Adam Flash to win the title.
7. Pat Brink beat Bruiser
8. Tag Team Battle Royal won by Tom Brandi & Jimmy Cicero
9. Shane Shamrock Cup Tournament – Finals: Josh Daniels beat Christopher Daniels/Delirious/Sonjay Dutt/Human Tornado/Ruckus

NWA Anarchy 7/7 – NWA Arena in Cornelia, Georgia drawing 175 fans
1. #1 Contenders Tournament for the Anarchy Tag Titles – Semifinals: Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins beat Sex & Money Limited (Caleb Konley & Andrew Pendleton III)
2. Truitt Fields defeated Rob Adonis
3. #1 Contenders Tournament for the Anarchy Tag Titles – Semifinals: The Hollywood Brunettes (Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews) beat Derrick Driver & Shawn Walters
4. #1 Contenders Tournament for the Anarchy Tag Titles – Semifinals: Urban Assault Squad (Nemesis & Shadow Jackson) defeated Anger Alliance (Brandon Phoenix & Don Matthews)
5. Awesome Attraction (Austin Creed & Hayden Young) beat Hustle Squad (Nick Halen & Mike Pittman)
6. Melissa Coates defeated Chris King
7. #1 Contenders Tournament for the Anarchy Tag Titles – Finals: Urban Assault Squad (Nemesis & Shadow Jackson) beat Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins and The Hollywood Brunetttes (Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews)
8. No Countout, No DQ for the Anarchy Heavyweight Title: Ace Rockwell defeated Chad Parham to win the title.

NWA Pro 7/7 – Plaza San Miguel in Houston, Texas
1. Incognito & Cassandro beat Muneco Infernal & Mango
2. NWA Texas Heavyweight Title: Chaz Taylor defeated Seth Korbin to retain his title.
3. Rob Conway beat Don Juan
4. Tzuki defeated Furball
5. TJ Perkins beat Ikuto Hidaka
6. Steel Cage Match: Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre) defeated Karl Anderson & Joey Ryan
7. NWA Heritage Title: Adam Pearce beat Sicodelico Jr. to retain his title.
8. Hijo del Santo/L.A. Par-K/Rayo de Jalisco Jr. defeated Blue Demon Jr./Nicho el Millionario/Pentagon Black

Wrestle Birmingham 7/6 – Zamora Shrine Temple in Irondale, Alabama drawing 300 fans
1. Dan Sawyer beat Brian Murdoch
2. Adrian Street defeated Ricky Roberts
3. Anton Laveigh beat Brandon Barbwire
4. Dennis Condrey defeated Inhuman Fly
5. Lumberjack Strap Match: McNasty beat Bull Buchanan
6. WB Jr. Heavyweight Title: Mike Jackson defeated Daffney to win the title.
7. Sonjay Dutt beat Scotty Blaze
8. WB Tag Titles: Diamonds in the Rough (Elix Skipper & David Young) defeated Bloodline (Billy Blade & Michael Rayne) to retain their titles.
9. #1 Contender Match for the Alabama Heavyweight Title: Samoa Joe beat Rhyno

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