WMF 7/21 Results

7/21 – Shin-kiba 1st Ring in Tokyo drawing 150 fans
1. Dragon Yuki & Ricky Fuji beat Kenichi Kono & Onryo in 13:12 when Fuji used the 9999 on Kono.
2. RAY defeated Tomoka Nakagawa in 10:12 with a moonsault press.
3. Hideki Hosaka beat Kankuro Hirano in 13:34 by pinfall after a chair shot.
4. Kitten Kid & Soldier defeated Mr. Gannosuke & GOEMON in 15:51 when Kitten used a modified inside cradle on Gannosuke. Gannosuke cut off Kitten’s tail after the match and Kitten demanded a singles match with Gannosuke.
5. Mineo Fujita & Yasu Urano beat Kamui & Kengo Takai in 22:35 when Fujita used the Victory Roll on Kamui.

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