Daisuke Sekimoto Takes A Dip

Daisuke Sekimoto is undergoing serious training for the Fire Festival and was spotted today by the press swimming in the Tsurumi River by the Big Japan Dojo in Yokohama. Sekimoto told the press that he has been swimming every day as it is helping not only his stamina but puts him in a clear state of mind which is mentally preparing him for the Fire Festival. Sekimoto said that he swims 10 kilometers a day and even though the water is real cold when he starts, it warms up and it gets easier to swim as he goes on. Sekimoto closed by saying that he is not only defending his own honor but the honor of Big Japan and after he wins the FF he would use the money to help renovate the Big Japan Dojo, clean out the Tsurumi River, and just give back to Yokohama in general.

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