ROH 7/16 Results

7/16 – Differ Ariake drawing 1,800 fans
1. Davey Richards & Rocky Romero beat Jack Evans & Kotaro Suzuki in 14:01 when Romero used 3 Buzzsaw Kicks on Evans.
2. Shuhei Taniguchi defeated Akihiko Ito in 9:54 with a German Suplex hold.
3. Jimmy Rave beat BJ Whitmer in 10:10 with the Greetings From Ghana.
4. American Dragon defeated Go Shiosaki in 26:43 with the Cattle Mutilation.
5. No Time Limit Must Win By Pinfall or Submission: Delirious beat Roderick Strong in 17:48 with the Chemical Imbalance II.
6. Jay & Mark Briscoe/Naomichi Marufuji defeated Atsushi Aoki/Ricky Marvin/Matt Sydal in 22:39 when Jay pinned Sydal after the Doomsday Device. KENTA was forced to miss this match and tomorrow’s because of an injury he suffered yesterday.
7. ROH World Heavyweight Title: Takeshi Morishima beat Nigel McGuinness in 20:15 with a backdrop suplex to retain his title. There were dueling chants for both men during the match like your normal ROH show. American Dragon challenged Morishima after the match for the next shot at the title.

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